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A man Steve Martin Chris rock showed up I love both of these guys and they're they're both hilarious excellent performers and either one of them could have been the host of the show and guarantee that a whole lot more people actually watch the thing here's Steve Martin Chris rock appearing on stage together last night Hey Chris that we both have hosted the Oscars before and this is such an incredible the motion they don't really have any more why is that since we now a couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the office with a accidentally read out the wrong name and it was nobody's fault but they have not a guarantee that this will not happen this year because the academy a switch to the new Iowa caucus that there will be no winners announced that's very funny I like that was good they were very funny I I think the two of them together would be great hosts of course they could have had hosts yeah they would've into expensive I think that's the problem that to get both Chris rock and Steve Martin what does that run yeah do you think they have to pay them to do that the host the Oscars yeah goodness I hope so really I really hope you guys aren't they can't do it we have the kids do it on the arm it's not like they need the money and now they don't need it but to put take to haul Steve Martin and there you think that he wants to do that without getting a little point maybe I don't know Hey the man is worth it you would do it for free I have yet but I'm not Steve Martin no that is true I mean but if anybody who needs the money more you or Steve Martin yeah I'll be about a bed for a slice of pizza I'm just I'll do anything it's true more from Steve Martin Chris rock in a moment also more on who the winners were and yes you're right he did get political six forty three on W. M. I. L..

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