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In some cases that is not an all but in that case they executed innocent women and our fourteen year old son randy weaver and there was diane feinstein protecting the murderer from the atf behind the curtain that was the shielding his face and she asked one loaded question after another i watched that hearing and i knew that i would never again be able to look it up without utter contempt can you say for sure sir that you accident leaf fired that weapon not knowing who was behind that door sir do you know that no one has gone to jail for the murder of randy weaver's wife and son and why why you're looking at the faces of evil the same people who covered up the execution of randy weaver's a wife and son are now trying to crucify decent men like jeff sessions the world is upside down everything is upside down in this world and the media as is responsible for it it appears that there is an abnormal mindset in congress about russia a totally abnormal mindset for years we had a cold war that put us on the brink of a hot war and then that all ended and then obama kate became president and then even obama was getting along with putin everything was going along very well and then along came the forces of evil that were behind hillary clinton and as soon as hillary clinton appeared on the scene she created a devil in putin and a devil in russia and now we are witnessing the meltdown of that big lie right in front of our eyes that's the entire arc of that particular story let's tune in now he is old mark a rubio the ice cream manas back the ice cream.

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