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You work every year impeachment process North Korea IBM case Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer is asking Republicans to call four witnesses for the upcoming impeachment trial correspondent Jessica Schneider in a three page letter to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Schumer lays out the length for opening presentations from both sides and says he wants Chief Justice John Roberts to issue subpoenas to four witnesses former national security adviser John Bolton acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney Robert Blair senior adviser to Mulvaney and Michael Duffy the associate director for national security at the office of management and budget North Korea says is conducted another successful test as part of its nuclear strategy correspondent Brian Todd with president trump's reaction the president seemed to issue a subtle warning to the dictators over the possibility of another weapons test every disappointed if something would be in the works and if it is we'll take care of it some experts believe Kim is making a last push for his self imposed year end deadline for more progress on nuclear talks Peron's others say the latest aggression shows the supreme leader may never have been serious about giving up his nuclear weapons Boeing will temporarily stop production of at seven thirty seven MAX planes which of the mid ground it's it's two deadly crashes correspondent Renee marsh they are not doing away with this plan altogether but here's the problem that they found themselves in last week in their meeting with the FAA the FAA made it very clear that they were working on their own time line not on Boeing's time light and they would not clear this plane is safe to fly by the end of the year no immediate layoffs are expected for twelve thousand Boeing employees at a plant near Seattle Washington but the whole could impact some of the nine hundred companies that supply parts for the seven thirty seven Max on Wall Street the Dow climbed one hundred one points the nasdaq in seventy nine I am Cait taking a look at chaos of traffic sponsored by covered California the CHP still as a sig alert.

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