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Six, zero on games as a bruin and is a two-time Stanley Cup champion in nineteen, Seventy and seventy two. So Dallas Smith while look at that defense goaltending looking good. So Fi. Oh. Wow Well Dallas Smith throw me off a little bit because there were a lot of people still on the board so that through meet Laura loop okay. I was like. Okay Dallas Smith but who else? Who else from that? Seventy seventy two double Stanley Cup winning team. Could we possibly pick and I thought to myself? Someone that only a hero Bruins fan would pick my friend because he does not necessarily ring bells for the modern fan but his name is Wayne Cashman and he was a bad, ass okay he played. A thousand seven, twenty, seven games with the Bruins he had two, hundred, seventy, seven goals five, hundred, sixteen assists seven hundred ninety three points played on a legendary. Lied he had. Eight thirty goal seasons to Stanley. Cups he's up there in all times for wingers and basically like I said it was just a bad ass on a bad ass liden. That's why those boys want to. Stanley. I, noticed we draw heavily from the seventy seventy two T we did. Absolutely we did and into tried a trump bat with my own bad ask because it seems like that's what's going on here is we're going pick pick in which I do ruffle some feathers but. I think one of the best feather rustlers in the in the world of fighting and believe it or not plan hockey i. went with forward Terry Old Riley with my ninth pick, and he was born of a fifth fourteen years from nineteen seventy, one to nineteen, eighty, five, his stats are two, hundred, four goals, four, hundred and two assists six six points. In. Unbelievable two thousand ninety, five penalty minutes in eight hundred, ninety, one games as a Bruin, and if I'm not mistaken, he was a bruin through and through I don't believe played for another team. So take your Terry. O'Reilly, fishes the face Mr Cashman. Okay. That's fine. Jump at the stands and throw a terry our allies mean that's fine. So now I gotta sit back and my heart-to-heart shoe. Later, that's later we'll get to the shoe gets. So I had to think to myself. Okay. How the regroup regroup he took Terry O'Reilly. Okay. We got to regroup..

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