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Repayment, especially if somebody's so broke that collecting that money from them would cause real financial hardship. But they cannot waive repayment of pandemic unemployment assistance, which is federal As it stands now, The law require states to recoup that money from everyone who was overpaid and ever more says she's worried that a lot more people are going to start getting over payment notices in the coming months. If this issue doesn't get solved, this is going to be more explosive. I think then people losing the $600 the extra weekly federal unemployment money that ran out at the end of July. Larson. Ross has no idea where he's going to come up with $10,000 to repay the state of Colorado. He's having a hard enough time affording rent bills and groceries. It's hard, you know, like I don't know if I'm gonna be able to pay I need this back. I don't know if I'm gonna have Tio Leave my apartments. I just I just don't know eyes. It's very scary. He says he thinks about the debt every minute of the day. I'm Samantha Fields for marketplace. Once or perhaps as depending on how long it takes. The dust settles after the end of voting tomorrow, Attention is going to turn back to the economy, and this is a busy week. The October jobs report will be upon US Friday morning, and the Fed meets Wednesday and Thursday. There is not going to be an interest rate move of that we can be Almost completely certain actually. But you can probably count on the Federal Open Market Committee statement and chair J. Powell in his press conference, saying something about the main street lending program. Designed for small and medium sized businesses. It has been well shall we say, less successful than had been hoped? So now his marketplaces Justin, who reports the Fed is going to lower its minimum loan size in that program from 250. 2 $100,000 just explains how that should help. By allowing businesses to take out smaller loans. The Fed says. It's hoping more businesses will participate..

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