President Trump, Vision Loss, Barack Obama discussed on Jim Bohannon


That news sent stocks soaring, the Dow coming close to 30,000 within 100 points, but it did not actually hit 30 K. As I said earlier. My apologies right now the Dow is up 382 points. President Trump tweeting praise of the vaccine process. Writing that it happened on his watch, as he continues to challenge the election results in court boxes John Roberts at the White House Trump campaign indicating to me this morning that they say is far from over. They feel that the hard deadline really is December. The 14th. That's when the electors air seated and meet to vote on who the new president will be. So there is still a number of weeks that they had to go. Pursue these challenges. The Trump campaign, also saying that reports that they withdrew part of their lawsuit in the state of Pennsylvania are not true. They still argue that hundreds of thousands of ballots were counted in secret and that GOP poll watchers were denied meaningful access. Former President Barack Obama on CBS's 60 minutes criticizing the president and others more troubled by the fact that other Republican officials who clearly no better are going along with this are humoring. Him in this fashion. President elect Joe Biden is set to speak later this hour, focusing on plans to revive the economy. America is listening to Fox News. Attention patients treated for vision loss. If you received an injection of the medication Bill view to treat macular degeneration and then suffered retinal damage. With vision loss, you may be entitled to financial compensation. It's important to seek legal advice of the readiness in your eyes were damaged by an injection of B O view..

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