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Herald imprint on your doorstep seven days a week at news hyphen herald dot com, twenty four seven three sixty five. It's all you really need. Hi, I'm Caitlyn Rogers asking you to support my father, John Rogers to continue as our state Representative. I'm an elementary school teacher and growing up. My dad taught me the value of honesty and integrity. My dad is not a typical politician. He believes working together is the best approach to solving problems in our communities. His hard work is an example of how much he cares about other people. I hope you will join me in supporting my dad state Representative John Rogers paid for by the friends of John Rogers. Citing. W y. Then we're back live here in Ohio where Morial field where you're scored halftime is about ready to get started number three of the cuyahoga heights. Redskins fourteen and the whistle. Blew devils. Seven beautiful might here in Ohio, the blue devils coming into this game tonight with a perfect six old record and two or three in the valley division of the chagrin valley conference and.

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