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I'm Cheri Preston the first file launch from the investigation into Russian meddling in the election. Starts this morning jury selection begins the trial of former, Trump campaign. Chairman Paul Manafort but as we hear, from ABC's Phillips who will be, in the courtroom this trial focuses. On manafort's money what jurors will hear prosecutors making their case for tax. And Bank fraud what they probably won't hear if Manafort has any knowledge about the Trump campaign allegedly coordinating with Russia during the two thousand. Sixteen presidential election eight states are suing to try and stop company from posting instructions on how to make. A gun online the company in Texas called defense distributed is planning to post, instructions online Wednesday telling anyone with a three d. printer how to make a gun out. Of hard plastic the Trump administration, gave the company the, go, ahead. ABC's Scott Goldberg secretary. Of the treasury Steve. Mnuchin says officials there are now looking at possible changes to. Capital gains rules that could mean a big tax cut worth billions of dollars for some The so-called. Car fire northern California has now grown to over one hundred thousand acres ABC's Alec stone is there the number of missing on this fire. Has now jumped up to around nineteen but the sheriff fish warning many of those people may be just. Fine but possibly neighbor or a loved one hasn't heard from them so they, called in a missing persons report for each one detectives are going out to try to. Make sure they're alive and say, at least six people, have, died. In the fire several. Reports now say US. Spy agencies have responded activity at a North Korean missile factory. This comes as the north and south are meeting here's ABC's Tom rivers In the DMZ for the talks. The head of the South Korean delegation says the two sides have agreed on a number of measures to ease military tensions and build trust the meeting comes days after the north returned. The remains of US, war. CBS now says CEO les Moonves will stay in place during. The investigation into allegations he sexual harassed several women. This is, ABC news Your top local stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center flags will fly at half staff today in honor of Kent police officer. Diego Marino who was killed in the line of duty last week a memorial for. Marina will be, held this afternoon in Kent before the service that community is invited. To pay, their respects along the procession it goes along fourth avenue between Willis and James to the show where center the woman who's accused of stabbing an elderly couple in Bellevue did not appear in court yesterday. She waved her first appearance investigators say, the woman had been living with the couple then on Saturday she. Stabbed them both are still in the hospital in serious condition and today the city of Seattle launches a. New way for neighbors of tiny house villages to get, their complaints and concerns addressed lily rerman spokesperson for Seattle's department of human services says to battle the homeless crisis we have currently seven villages. And operation and this is the opportunity to. Talk about the program at large the city, will, post info about all the locations. And how they're improving them. On their homelessness response blog. Michael Preston KOMO news KOMO. AAA traffic, northbound I five zero five twenty two right lanes are closed up to about northeast fiftieth also the north east fiftieth street.

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