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Playing well. Whole thing clicking. So a lot of people, I think, will say, well, Justin Jefferson still had 227, I think, or whatever was yards in this game. But Detroit's defense, I think, played really well. And I think it sort of goes back to that question Gary that you and I asked like, what if you just put a lid on it, which is kind of what too high man is and you're like, okay, we're just gonna, you can do your thing. If you just in Jefferson, you can have 220 yards, but they just have to be less destructive for 220 yards. And I think it was as un destructive of a 227 yards as you could possibly have as a wide receiver. If that makes any sense, and it was weird 'cause a lot of the throws, Kirk Cousins was under duress a lot. I didn't see a lot of openings for him. And there were some throws that were basically like, look, I'm on the run, I'm gonna grip it and rip it and Justin Jefferson is just the absolute alpha person in 50 50 balls. And he's just gonna grab the ball and rip it away from you. So I thought that was, you know, and what they allowed less than two yards of carry for Dalvin cook. So I just think that this lion's defense is really coming around. And so I wrote about this, you can actually Dan Campbell predicted this on hard knocks. So back in hard knocks, he was flipping out at his team for not being able to tackle. And he goes, do you guys just really think that, like, what are we going to do? Just start to turn our season around week 8 when we finally get enough reps to learn how to tackle someone. And that's what happened, which is really cool. So good for Dan Campbell. Ultimate knower of future things. Jaguars, Titans. At this deal, I didn't look Jaguars apart on the Titans. It's just the way it is. And I will say, though, the Jaguars won this in a very tight and Z kind of way in a, you know, what, it ended up being four takeaways. And no giveaways. And that's obviously a huge edge there at that point, but this game was pretty much over midway through the third quarter. They gave up another big day to Derek Henry here, but Henry ended up losing two fumbles and yeah, that's the other thing. I mean, Trevor Lawrence is just a different class than Ryan Tannehill. So the Jaguars, if you give them basically a four O turnover margin advantage and Trevor Lawrence is playing in the game, it's a blowout, which is what this one was. You're insane, hot take that nobody believed that Trevor Lawrence was gonna be good, Gary. I think is coming to fruition. He is, but in all seriousness, he is brushing up against superstardom at this point. I would say. And kind of in a fun, anonymous way for him and Jacksonville where it's not uncomfortable. It's almost the perfect place to do this. You can make mistakes. You can have your bad games, not a whole lot of people are gonna notice. And then maybe next year, the team is kind of all right, you know? They were, they were also, they were getting a little getting a little chatty in this one, too. Did you see him waving to everybody? Wave to everyone, he did a little scoreboard point a little scoreboard. I don't want to overstate it the Titans were kind of trying to mix it up on the victory formation stuff. But yeah, I mean, gosh. This is what the Titans do to people. And the Jaguars did it the Titans and it must have felt really, really good. Yeah? Good day for really the Jags franchise as a whole. I mean, Lawrence obviously played well. They got a little confident to run walker, the number one pick with a forced fumble that set up one of 19 Evan Ingram touchdowns, which was like, where are we? This is great. I love this team. You know what it is. It's just, it's got an expansion team vibe to it and I know that they were an expansion team at one point, but Christian Kirk, Evan Ingram. It's all these players that you're like, I don't know, man. Like their own teams didn't really want and they're putting them to good use. It's very neat. And I think as soon as the defense gets plugged in a little bit more and we start to see some maturity and some growth there. I liked Devin Lloyd this season. I know like PFF absolutely hates him and just says horrible things about him online. But I think once all this stuff kind of gets rolling in the right direction. This is going to be a pretty darn good football team. When the world gets in the way of your music, try the new Bose quiet comfort earbuds two. Next gen earbuds uniquely tuned to the shape of your ears. They use exclusive Bose technology. The personalizes the audio performance to fit you. Delivering the world's best noise cancellation and powerfully immersive sound. So you can hear and feel every detail of the music you love. Bose quiet comfort earbuds two. Sound shape to you. To learn more, visit Bose dot com. Imagine air travel that's simple, hassle free and fast. 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And it also helps when the other team just keeps on turning it over and also gets stuffed on the goal line on a fourth down. But the other takeaway is it was nice to see the Texans turn this back over to a professional quarterback and baby. I think between mills and honestly, like I don't want to make this a podcast where we constantly pick on Kyle Allen, it's still just blows my mind that they started Kyle Allen for two games. Yeah, play a professional player at quarterback

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