Cowie, Paraguay, Abdul El Greco discussed on The Joe Pags Show


Look but i believe where he say arbel what did he said and see it yeah look i carpal coverdale crowd carnival critical healthy right cowie had a problem i mom article v article tiger balm paraguay did he certainly did yeah according to carry golf club don't do i got abdul el greco ever ever thought about battle trump very protective recall very interesting why didn't see which i gas reno said i take your word for it it makes sense it of what you say he says certainly makes sense look the guy went in there like out of control free trainer a tank and started wanted people over and that works to a point you also you also have to prove you can work with the people that are rivera less he thought i'm here now everybody gets fired we start a little rebel that was going to happen to me there just wasn't going to happen so jio used by the wayside very quickly general kelly using their which again i think is a good move allah good a move is to get rid of scaramucci maybe it will put it in that position it to you until you figure out how you might act in it but um but it's certainly a good move have general kelly it also raises the question who's going around the department of homeland security nor her rumor about jeff sessions today but sarah huckabee suitors denied that said no there's nobody the administration that we're talking to about that position that would be interesting.

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