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Based on what we know that's the most likely scenario but we're still still piecing things together and as you touched on for friends and family and colleagues wanted absolute tragedy a young man who I didn't have the pleasure of knowing but I've heard nothing but but you know notch things about him to have lost his life in service. But at the same time, you know that's unfortunately we people reminded that the Rangers out there they you know they are dedicated to make an safe. Recreational Environment for folks and in doing that, they do end up putting themselves in risk unfortunately this in this event at Kosta Arranger his life enroll deeply saddened for that I didn't know him well, but everything that was said is absolutely spot on he. He was a servant to others as all the Rangers are up there but certainly mourning the loss of such a wonderful young man he was a marine and just had his entire life in front of him but just absolutely heartbreaking. Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith thank you so much for your time this morning where can we go for the most up to date current information on those fires? was few different areas to go to four the specific fire information on Cameron peak fire that was managed by federal crew I. Encourage your listeners to go to Insa web just type in a web it'll pull it up and that provides information every major fire in the US a map, a pop-up they can drill down.

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