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Ahead of the December 9th strike deadline. President Biden on Monday called on Congress to force a deal through, saying a strike would have disastrous consequences. Parts of the southeast are feeling the effects of severe storms and tornadoes that hit the region Tuesday and early Wednesday. At least two people, a woman and child were killed in Alabama after a tree fell on their mobile home. More than two dozen tornado reports have been made since Tuesday afternoon. Smaller interest rate hikes may be on the way. So despite some promising developments, we have a long way to go in restoring price stability. That's according to Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, who spoke to the brookings institution. The fed has been steadily raising interest rates this year in a bid to fight soaring inflation. The Los Angeles Police department is looking into the source of the leaked audio recording of three LA city council members at Matson has more. The LA times reports warrants were served for a number of social media accounts, including Reddit, which is where the audio was posted. It's still unclear who recorded and posted the file an authorities are also looking into whether it was made legally. State law prohibits unauthorized recordings of a conversation. It was made last year and contained racist remarks in a discussion between council members Mary Martinez, Gil sadil, and Kevin de Leon. Martinez has since resigned, but sidi and de Leon have refused to step down. President Biden is set to greet the prince and Princess of Wales this week on Wednesday The White House announced they'll cross paths during a fundraiser in Boston on Friday. The royal couple is visiting to promote their climate change initiative known as the earthshot prize. I'm Brian shook. New York City mayor Eric Adams is facing backlash for his plan to get more people with mental illness off the streets and out of the subway system. Scott Pringle reports mayor Adams is now directing first responders to send mentally ill people that they encounter to hospitals, whether they want to go or not. Jacqueline Simone is with the coalition for the homeless. Mayor Adams is really feeding into a harmful narrative that people who are dealing with mental health challenges and people who are without housing are dangerous. Head of the New York civil liberties union, Donna Lieberman accuses Adams of what she calls playing fast and loose with the legal rights of New Yorkers. Scott Pringle reporting several of deshaun Watson's accusers are reportedly going to be in attendance Sunday when he makes his return against his former team. The Cleveland Browns quarterback was reinstated Monday after serving an 11 game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy due to multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. Watson reached settlements with 23 of his 25 accusers. A marine veteran is making the best out of her prosthetic leg Trey Thomas explains Annika hutzler was seen on the jumbotron at the Los Angeles Lakers game Monday, pouring a beer into her prosthetic leg, and then chugging the drink as the crowd cheered. Hutzler had her leg amputated in 2019 after a tumor couldn't be removed from her foot. I'm Dre Thomas, a depressed cat from a south Jersey animal shelter has finally found a forever family fish to first spend months at homeward bound pet adoption center in blackwood after being abandoned at 5 years old and was so sad he'd only eat or look up when he had company. The nonprofit shelter couldn't find a home for fish stiffer until tweeting his petfinder profile and telling the tabby's tale. It went viral on Thanksgiving and suddenly hundreds of animal lovers offered to adopt fish defer. I'm Brian chuck. And I'm Doug prisoner Bloomberg world headquarters in New York. Let's check this hour's top business stories on the markets, fed chair Jay Powell's cemented expectations for the fed stepping down from its aggressive pace of tightening next month and Powell presented a case for achieving low inflation without tipping the American economy deep into recession. His remarks did ignite a powerful rally in U.S. equities. We had the NASDAQ composite jumping 4.4%, the S&P gained 3% the Dow was higher by 2% and the industrial average is now 20% above its October low, so the Dow is no longer in a bear market. Hewlett Packard Enterprise has expressed taking an interest in the cloud computing company Nutanix. We are told talks between these two companies have been on and off and it's unclear whether they'll be able to reach an agreement over price, new tannic by the way has a market cap of 6 and a half $1 billion. Salesforce co CEO Brett Taylor is stepping down effective January 31st after just a year in the top spot at that time cofounder Mark benioff will remain as the sole CEO and he will continue as board chairman. Elon Musk met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at the iPhone maker's headquarters in Cupertino after a few hours of the meeting, Musk said the two had a good conversation and resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store. Musk said that cook was clear that Apple never considered doing so. We check markets every 15 minutes here on Bloomberg. We're seeing lower treasury yields a weaker dollar and higher equities right now in the apac in Hong Kong the hang seng is up 1.4%, Shanghai composite better by 1%, the nikkei is up by more than 1.1% in Seoul the Cosby rising three tenths of 1% and in Sydney the ASX 200 ahead 8 tenths of 1%. Global news 24 hours a day on air and on Bloomberg quicktake. This is Bloomberg.

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