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Time four thirty good morning i'm bob conway these are the top stories on newsradio wvu beyond the trump administration tariffs against some chinese goods go into effect today and china's promising speedy retaliation more from cbs coming up city of cargo is investigating and apparently unauthorized transmission mission on the police radio frequency is this week and president trump is confirming to reporters about those tariffs going into effect on chinese imports novelty sports houston beef white sox four three scoring two runs in the ninth inning cubs had the day off in business overseas asian markets mixed we have fair skies now and seventy degrees cbs news update at a minute past midnight the trump administration made good on promises to impose thirty four billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese products didn't take long for beijing to retaliate with its own levies business analyst jill schlesinger affected tariffs will likely hurt many us companies that do business abroad specifically boeing caterpillar deere tyson foods hormel foods and pilgrims pry communist art laffer i hope the story is this is just a negotiation ploy these negotiation tools by both these countries to come finally down to an agreement which will reduce tariffs across the board who winds up paying the price econ professor peter maurici that trump is not targeting toasters at the walmart most of this will be hit by businesses in their supply chains components industrial goods things of that nature and in return china at a range of american agricultural fits in particular soybean cotton and so forth news update i'm deborah rodriguez wbz news time four thirty to the city of scottsdale has been investigating and apparently unauthorized transmission on its police radio frequencies this week chicago office emergency management and communications spokeswoman melissa stratton says interfering with a police radio puts.

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