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Yeah i mean i guess it we're playing fantasy football grade to go out and get whatever names work and pay him whatever you need to pay them and not worry about chemistry and not worry about continuity and not worrying about the rams are doing and now and not worry about coaching but every year we talk about okay well this coach was really good or this player developed this system or this quarterback needs to be drafted by this team because it has a coach that can develop them there's transition every year in new england and since free agency started which was which was radically different they've still found a way to win year in and year out and this year will be no different you know what i remember when charlie weis left patriots fell apart when eric mangini left the patriots fell apart that seems me when romeo cronyn lift the patients eight more years left for i'm going to take a long time but whatever the ravens just signed our g three robert griffin third one year deal to backup joe flacco who frankly doesn't get hurt much the signing is going to raise some eyebrows from supporters of another quarterback who didn't play last season either colin kaepernick last time we saw both these guys in the field twenty sixteen cap played a lot more than our g three numbers were way way better though they both had kind of terrible records with lock you surprised rg three got a job before cabernet not remotely rg three signed a one year deal for i'm sure very little money or g three has been humbled the it finally humbled him and you know eagle had been a problem for rg three it no longer is so he signed probably a very selfaware deal colin kaffir nick because of all of his supporters and because of his delusion thinks he should be signing some big contract and probably for more than one year and so he's not.

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