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Get safe results from water samplings the search will resume in that area in mccomb township for the remains of as many as six young girls who've been missing for years the suspect arthur ream is doing life in prison for the murder of an east point girl the nineteen eightysix reimeas also a convicted rapist warren police believe the remains of kimberly king are buried at the site at twenty three mile and north avenue that twelve year old girl disappeared in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine police have been working on this for years and they decided to start the search after a series of interviews with rim in prison the fallout continues around the world from president trump's decision to dump the iran nuclear deal correspondent matthew chance has some reaction from moscow russia says it's deeply disappointed by president trump's decision to abandon the iranian nuclear agreements the russian foreign ministry in a statement says that it's concerned that the us is once again acting contrary to the opinions of most states at exclusively in its own narrow interests the kremlin warns of harmful consequences of scrapping the iran deal saying that nuclear nonproliferation efforts in general could be damaged but here's what's going on with the robert mueller investigation the investigators for muller have questioned a russian billionaire victor vexing brag about payments that his company made to president trump's personal attorney michael cohen correspondent abbie philip has more on these transactions payments amounted to nearly half a million dollars and were paid by columbus novak to cohen shell company essential consulting between january and august of twenty seventeen columbus nova is run by axel berg's cousin andrew instructor who sources say has also been questioned by muller's team secretary of state mike pompeo is in north korea for the second time since april on he was still head of the cia but he could be on the verge of a couple of major accomplishments secretary of state mike pompeo landed in pyongyang wednesday local time he's trying to set up sit down for president trump and north korean leader kim jong un we'll see how it all works out maybe maybe it won't it can be a great thing for north korea south may japan and the world in addition to that of south korean official says pompeo is expected to bring three us detainees back from north korea i'm john lawrence reporting elections.

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