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And the ending is still going to comes Bruce Bochy so disappointing finish to this any Salman got two quick outs. and then never threw a strike due to radius radius is not a big guy he's not a power hitter. he came into the game in the one seventy three. that's a guy who. is gonna be is almost like a banner on his home with this is throw strikes to me. the he walked in and now that has turned into a run. so someone who he really needs to be sharp he's not over powering guy. and the not a lot of short is there. so five to three pirates a runner at third two down and Tyler Rogers comes in the face the tough Kevin Newman a right handed hitter but it's time for a change I think the speedy oil change and auto service your trusted oil change tune up and a break experts. in a night of those kind of mistakes for the chance to walk over here that you can walk a tag that was in may that should have been made while pitches James was still in this game but they are giving the pirates a lot of help tonight. now Rogers comes in the annual Star Wars day comes up on Sunday there's a special event Star Wars ticket he gets you a Star Wars and Boba Fett Brandon Crawford bobble head which is different from the bobblehead it's given away at the gates was a ticket to the giants and the Marlins in two different bobble heads one for a special event to get one for. fans coming in just normally as of giants dot com slash special events to give them the. will the fed Brandon Crawford bobble head. so now Rogers who has made a really good impression he's been one of the young guys for the giants who has shined when given.

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