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You and allegra segment called mud minute are you ready reading your munate starts now newfoundland's upon first assessment according to me it look like a big brown bear they are also the number one rated dog for families according to animal planets dogs when a one the origin of the newfoundland is a mystery some think that it was descended from the great pera knees mix with a massive in a french hound but everyone is very clear on the fact that newfoundland's came from newfoundland new fees were read to be worker dogs and lifeguards in the water they would hall in fish nets to shore and they would save anyone who fell overboard a new fee move it isn't exactly you're not learning about mud see kinda do purebreds right right right the illiteracy shen is a little deceiving breads we we just tell you kind of the lineage of every breed brit comes down but just not many debt breed do where where do we go with that so we called it nut minute you have to you have to use the alliteration i respect that thank you thank you finally somebody who understands what we're doing here i don't think that we didn't get several emails being like technically it is not a much written no thank you for playing along we know we know well yeah it does make it really fun because allegra and i get to learn at out all the dog breed than certainly now when i'm looking for a dog i kind of have this little encyclopedia of how how all these dogs came to be and they're kind of a neat behaviors and it's it's interesting gets learn something.

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