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Better know a framework awesome. All right well if you don't know better no framework. Is this little thing. then i started doing. I don't even remember how long ago but At the beginning of the show i wanted to highlight a little section of dot net framework way before dot net core. Maybe a namespace. Maybe a class. Some little part of the framework and i got through that fairly quickly and then just started going out and finding things on the internet so basically. It's you know. Somebody said carl google's something fifteen minutes before going on the air and that's not true. He's started five minutes before it's not that bad but but anyway this is something that i did and weirdly. Richard was a part of it. So this is episode. Seventeen forty five so one seven four five dot p wwlp dot. Me popped up me and so this is an episode of the dot net show which is sort of a new thing that i'm doing focused on right now. Focus on salmon informs in maui. But you know going forward focused on all things dot net. It's not going to be every week. I i it with blazer train for weekly you get something every week. But it's one or the other in this episode five. And it's dot net maui blazer. Jonathan dick did a demo of building dot net maui app in dot net six preview four but using a combination of zamel and blazer. The thing is that people looks a lot like me. That's always we are. Okay yes so. The the thing about this show is. I've started by animating portraits from history. People i admire so you got george washington. You've got abraham lincoln you've got This last the one before you. Richard was Samuel clemens mark twain. And i just asked richard i said hey can animate you for an episode of the of dot net show. He says yeah sure. What the heck animated before and so you know. Start out by saying. Hi carl franklin but it's actually richard. That's doing the talking. So i'm just glad you're not doing the south park canadian. Floppy head thing like that was in i. I've seen that happen to. I couldn't do that. I think what i'm going to do is just find a picture of me. An animate me or just take it all off altogether there was just you know my friends are like what's with the president's i don't understand i don't get it like some kind of artistes like a making a statement you know it's like i just want people to go. What the hell is that. What you know grover cleveland. And they're gonna go. What the hell is george watson. It's got obvious really. Yeah and i quickly realized that. I'm going to run out of politically acceptable figures from history before somebody gets right so you say just taking american leaders not kind of fixing their faces. Yes so firstly. Setting a precedent winston churchill was on there as well right so setting a president i get. What i'm using is a tool called crazy talk. And it's this hundred dollar program that you basically start with the face it can be a painting. It can be a portrait. It's better if it's emotionless better. If they're not wearing glasses and you basically put the points on the face and draw the lines and all that and then you load up an audio file and it animates the face to to do. The speaking does weird things like occasionally blinks sort of moves. The face around a little bit like people do when they're not talking. It's a little creepy. But i thought you know. It's a gimmick might get people to watch the show or at least talk about it. I think it's quite a bit creepy as amusing. And it's kind of like the most obvious deepfake. Hey this is. it's amazing. How often people miss that right. It's actually if i'm making any kind of point at all it's like okay. This is not a deepfake folks. It's shallow shallow but it is is a shallow but that's a good description paddling fake anyway. But there's a but maui demo and the thing that people just don't understand like the question was the biggest question was like okay. So i know that when i'm doing sammer informs i have to. I notify property. Change to make binding work. How do i do that in blazer and the answer is you. Don't you use the place in programming model. Which has all the eventing and all the ways that events are handled in blazer. And you don't have to do that. You get State has changed. Just like you do in any blazer app but you can. Here's the thing folks. You can build these cross platform maui apps using everything blazer including the binding and eventing. Hello right so you know. Zamil is not your thing and you don't wanna learn yet. Another flavor of zama informs them or whatever it is. You've been doing blazer now. You can use that to build cross platform apps. Well come november. So it's very exciting. Yes good times whether that okay. Well that's what i got today. Richard is somebody talking to us. Always but i grabbed a particular comment. Relatively recent. this is from one of the shows with mark. Simmons is eighty five one. We did with mark talking about. There is a silver bullet in reference to Fred books essay from the race called no silver bullet and i we. We're gonna have mark back on the show soon anyway. But i wanted to grab this comet..

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