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Fucking cuts alien does look like that no yeah i've got a shout out of the it's to all of you guys for not throwing me out earlier when i tossed the mario kart and six in sixty four controller on the ground got mad and check the control i've been known for them i'm not going to do it i'm gonna come in here it'd be calm not going to be competitive pandering yes you don't crush everyone but i would expect what i would be disappointed if you didn't get that pissed because there's no way you can be at that level and racine and not just be a fucking psycho competitive dude i'm out of zito yeah oh yeah yeah i have a bad temper gillian temperance like your first big blow up like a kid oh dude my i couldn't play video games my brother because i would like throw controllers adam and stuff every day i play video games i just had trouble i can't play a video game or anything that i'm like bad at because even if i'm just all by myself i'll chuck them throw them break them like i'm out of control yeah i've i'm just really competitive yeah i was away for sure especially in sports high school big throw my bat in the dugout fucking if i stuck you said everybody just squeezed the one side of the dugout 'cause i knew when i got in their shit was going.

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