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Hold on Facebook. I'm David Armstrong wants to know question was during my time in government service. What was the funniest thing? I ever saw. Without any reservation. It is this. I was testifying before the United States Senate. I don't even remember what committee. It was. Since Robert Byrd of West Virginia was on the committee. And there was a vote. The bell rang for a vote. Senator Byrd was just old enough and didn't care about whether he was on record voting for something or not. So while all the other senators scattered to go vote. He remained in the committee room. I don't remember who the I think the chair of the committee time may have been Joe Lieberman from Connecticut. And Senator Lieberman announced that they were gonna take a ten minute break while the senators went to cast their vote. So rather than getting up and leaving my staff, and I decided to just stay in the committee room. I continued to sit in the witness chair. And was just talking to my staff when we noticed a sinister bird had not left. Silverberg caught my eye. And he asked me if I was and I want to say it was Jim Ed Brown. He wanted to know if I was related to this old, West Virginia bluegrass singer. And I think his name was Jim Ed Brown. And I said, well Senator I I'm not that. I'm I'm somewhat familiar with with his music. And the Senator said, you know, he's one of my favorite artists. Whereupon Senator Byrd. The former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan began to seem to me. Jerry was sitting on the dice all by himself. There was a smattering of people in the audience. It was me and probably I don't know four or five staffers. And there was Senator Byrd. Singing some bluegrass song from Jim Ed Brown. I sat there. I didn't know what to do. So I just listen to him. When he finished I stood up and clapped and said Senator that was a mighty fine. Singing. I thought my staff we're gonna laugh the rest of the day after we left that committee hearing there was the grand wizard the KKK sing singing me a song. Those the funniest thing. So the second funniest thing was and this is actually kind of sad. After nine eleven we were in the above. The Senate chambers is a skiff a secure compartmentalized information facility. It's a top secret place where you can go. And you can't take your cell phones in soundproof and the Reuss the Reuss skis can't spy and listening to what's going on. And so me, the Attorney General John Ashcroft? George at the director of the CIA. And Condoleeza Rice at the time the national security advisor, the four of us were there to brief the Senate intelligence committee about what we were doing post nine eleven. This was like maybe two days. This is like maybe September thirteen or fourteen. And it was just supposed to be the Senate intelligence committee. But the room just kept filling up and we kept telling well hold on. We're going to delay the briefing. They kept delaying the briefing and pretty soon we realized that the room had filled up with all one hundred US senators. I was sitting. Right now. I don't know how this always happened. But for whatever reason Hilary Clinton, and I always ended up sitting together and these kinds of meetings, so Hillary Clinton, and I are sitting next to each other about two rows behind the third row from the front on the end right in front of us. There is an empty spot where chair would be. But instead it was for Senator Strom Thurmond for some for Senator Thurmond to be wheeled in in his wheelchair and Senator Thurmond at that point was way beyond having his faculties. It was rumored that is chief of staff who had wheeled him into the Senate chamber or the Senate room for that briefing had also been casting his votes on his behalf. John Ashcroft, then the attorney general starts the briefing and. Since and leans over to his chief of staff and in avoidance that he thinks is quiet says. I don't remember. The chiefs staffs name. Let's just say it's Charlie Charlie who's talking up there. And Charlie has to explain to the Senator that it's the attorney general of the United States of America. So sitting United States Senator doesn't have a clue. Who the attorney general of the United States is? Fun times. Absolutely. Some fun times. A strip club. You see? I just do that segue. That's that's that's a perfect segue. Right there. You got the grand wizard of the KKK, and he got Strom Thurman, and now we're gonna talk about strip clubs it all fits it. All fits perfectly a strip club in Dayton, Ohio has been off more than they can choose after they lost their liquor license following an investigation that proved it was allowing customers to use food stamps. To buy drugs and lap dances. Five-month investigation. I'm sorry. I just find it funny. Hey, baby. Can I get a lap dance? Sure. Do you take e-bt cards? Sure, let me get my phone out. Let me get my square reader plugged in. And you can swipe your card or you can just you know, I'll give you a really good lap dance. If you'll just give me your e BT card. During their five five-month investigational undercover agents. Use more than two thousand four hundred dollars in food stamps to buy dances along with a variety of drugs, including cocaine heroin. No. No, there's no problem. I I just think that we should we should look at this. As maybe that's where they get their nutrition. Maybe that's the kind of nutrition they need you.

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