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Want see what others paid for two when you're ready to buy a new or used car, visit truecar to enjoy a more confident car buying experience. If it's the joining to be B's traffic on the threes. Three or fourteen we got the four day WBZ AccuWeather forecast from meteorologist Frank straight through this evening. We'll have a shower in spots with winds lessening, otherwise tonight, partly cloudy. It'll be brisket chilly with the low forty to downtown Boston. Then tomorrow look for skies. Turn cloudy early. Rain will start in the late morning hours. And we'll see a continue through most of the rest of the day fifty five for the hype. So it'll be a cool day clearing in chilly with the low near forty in downtown Boston tomorrow night. It'll stay cool for Monday, sunshine will mix of clouds in the afternoon fifty eight for the afternoon, high cooler, Tuesday, we'll have clowns in shower. I only fifty two downtown Boston areas. West will be a bit warmer. I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Frank straight WBZ Boston's NewsRadio ranks forecast brought to you by Toyota of brain. Tree Jenkins from temperatures around the area in framingham. We have fifty four degrees. It's fifty four in Norwood down at Hampton beach in New Hampshire. We have fifty one degrees in Boston, mostly cloudy and breezy as they get ready to play at Fenway park. We have fifty three degrees. It's a little chilly for baseball. If you're heading to the game. Make sure you bundle up. Switch it up to function to iota of Braintree. And you'll know why dealer raider dot com named them twenty nine thousand nine Toyota Massachusetts dealer of the year to function till iota of rain tree on union street off route three look for the high flying American flag. Green. Kids are giving their parents the business when it comes to serial mom dad, we need to talk. Okay. Are cereals have way too much sugar. So I bought this box Greenbury, it is less sugar, and it super yummy any questions. How did you buy cereal? Your five any other question Greenbury with onyx sorghum has the perfect balance of antioxidants and plant based fiber for amazing sugar control bio box today. Eight seven seven college kids K. Ricki? Eight seven. Your kids donate. Joanie? Is easy..

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