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From the race would set our new end. Sold Property Gordon Franz our new a might take it on for the first month sole sit second the copious strong pace here Absolutely loved way so royal gems. His jumpings just electric to go back to last mother back multiple since balanced put the docket in the Union. He was done because the soft ground that he had no chance. But if you wash again ends Martin the way he traveled in like he's jumped into the lead after the last is traveling on the broiler. And you think oh he's going to turn over your hair no you didn't really see ocean this off off Brown up the hill that day but it was an absolute tracking wrong. If you go back to novice days. He won the Henry the eighth here again's jumped extremely well travelled unbelievably well the stronger. The pace it's really. Susan is not the best horse in the field by the best jumper and the pace is strong. I like maybe collapses the Front I think he might actually be able to pick up pieces. I'm adept STRUGGLEC three excellent. Do you share the lead skepticism over deputies. Chances all depends on the race has run. Doesn't it I mean are or newer runs like a horse's being chased by swarm of bees every time so it's going to go really hard. The cash will probably happen around the railway somewhere. I think it depends on what log onto saw the need a stronger pace and deputies take pool. I think we've got picked off but if they're going to make sure it's really all the way to the end then I think what cues right about about definite so you might get us so you're GonNa get phone and not regard we'd be looking for the Wind Bay on under so we talk about the and I would just because small and short case for being impatiently A. Oh yeah because I think this proper engine and lost your development on stocks are still finished saying to Sony Monotonous Oscar went to to captain and had a really unfortunate incident there I always I've always wanted to see him back at sea miles because I've never of what he's been really FA- of hardly get off the bridle. So I want to see a stroller on race. I just don't want to know what good is yet. And many regardless whether and the yards recent recent time of when Ruth took over from Malcolm. I thought you know it'll be interesting to see which we this yard go. She's really done quite well. And and if you you are a race we are. There is going to be a strong piece on as racist you soon. Quick enough for to quit words kills on waiting patiently. I mean we've had the white patient and see if he will fulfill the potential that he shot in unready. The white goes on doesn't it. Yeah potential superstar. No it didn't last year I'm just wondering how many Oh she's come back to the abyss. Revenue bad year is many and he has something to prove it to mile two and one last question on the tingle creek view. Frank will the pumps get stockings. Identify or do you think he might drift a little to be honest else. I'd be surprised if he goes any sharks and he is expected maybe to honor nine four tomorrow morning. That's what I'd be thinking just about Waking Pacey. It's interesting that Jefferson hit. A bit of farm recently set three winters in the last two weeks. Seven runners like if the girl had got proper testing. I'd I'd be very interested in him. Biting does not probably enough rain. The timing coming back then I was close to choose day but I'm left it off. I wouldn't put a lien on jolly good three thirty five certainly needs to get every yard of this is three Primoz. Five phones is the fair London National Handicap Chase. Frank given shove betting yet classic Benz Ninety two step back six to one royals they case drag. Industrial and Schapper sponsor seven one. Nine two on coningsby of channel in Santa's are ten to one hour twelve bar and who's your fancy. Let's see Frank. Yeah I'm going to take time. Was your price here but deflator DAX Flame for Richard Rule was not just the last day. Hey Richard Role was cut Backed off the boards inside known today in the grade two novice hardly but this dark flame was actually quite decent novice chaser thousand seventeen He wanted to sign. Don't over two and a half months off America one hundred twenty. Five favorite Easley was turned over to tree off. MAC hundred In a decent handicap in his next start on this last run before his absence in November. Two thousand seventeen was a four instead Hundred Perky tree. He was only retied links off. Go conquer that day now. He was off. Two years of the setback dropped two hundred twenty four and reappears. One those veterans Jason on the last day where oud onto simple one rated icy but doc name like. He looked like he was going to be Dhaka's headlines kept broken away. F- stayed on feet over six lengths for what was interesting. This thing is if he steps far for that. Ron Seem getting involved in the price air. He's wrong weather time number. Four and just a twelve fourteen to one. I thought he was worth a few quitting twitter. I would be over strong. Have you got strong view here Keith. A really solid when I got shot response to this with horses are one of Three Sex Yorkshire National Academies last and last year Suu Smithsonian the Stran- heated has he don't last time creepy was fancied to track and dead's there's a really good time and unshod response to see it like a horse. It needs every every y'all you'll give him so he's back up in trip here and I think he's voted on by Greece in a slight fliers. F- If you're more interested in something exciting of the Las Tunas nationals again. The eager to doesn't joke well enough for three miles three miles on things. I think he's a bit funny bought. He's never quite Steve. Four in the middle of the national loss two years nobody gets about three and a half over this trip before about two million a week sixteen steamed. You'll still get something like that. But if you're interested in and having a real and I don't think is actually not strongly livestock obesity fat threat and then nothing classic ebbs meant to be fit for the reappearance and it wasn't so we'll we'll see if it's particularly strong race in one you can maybe afford to take a fly on gets on the data kills if you have on the yeager. He's at your drink. A Yoga bomb I have in fiddler math form of features than it used to force me. Maybe nine again. In the boozer after work and hours biles stopping at Yagi bums at sugar and stuff with the with the. What's the other stuff? I put it in full at Buddha. That's absolutely vile stuff really about not really stick delegates okay. I can London Nash. As far as this one I may not very straight food food very obvious jobs for classic Manny One lear. The mouse designed to capture as he knows G agent center. I'm really well. I know he was beating my favorite loss time. It really will probably needed. This'll be the rice he's been laid out for this fifty grand to get by the way he just Anatomy show because you WANNA trip as well so UPI surprised if he doesn't go pretty close vinnie Lewis shaped fairly well in the national win. Six I I voted at Asian dressed in as classic men for me tippy more favorites than the blogger might will say well. Let's say if you've got any big prices. This is an entry. We're doing that next. So does that mean that. My horse has to do part of the race in reverse. Everyone loves a NEWBIE. That's why Poti power. HOW Games are getting all new customers? Sixty spins on daily Jackpot Games Games customers only one per customer seasons. He's applying eighteen plus become welcome back. Let's look at for it fall. Rice is entry the first of the fifth on the card. They start very early up at Merseyside. And it's the one thirties Randolph's health beach a handicap chase three miles oil to photons over the iconic grand national course Frank Howdy Patty power back on this as his face to one kimberly candy seven to one inches clouds of walking the minute votes. Fifteen two one nine. Two one after the bone and body optic and Deleon Reuss and bally diner on ten to one hour. Eleven to one and five places as well available at Panipat Dot Com also on the racing. Post APP Keith. Who wins the Beecher? I'M NOT GONNA steal kills loses thunder with one. Four author do acknowledge has really Solo taught for the reason. If you'd only having one ban is one. We obviously know about his record during injuries. Runway when we're in the beach or two in the past and is killed on just like a spin for the beecher the other one of a really big price and what are those games cues likes to please. Earliest take a wholesale ovaries or to take us out in recent horses profile and the burden repair Putin run so desperately at wetherby and he did meet his reappearance initiate. He's been joint favourite. Kills will bring you in on that. What's your answer to that? Question would be what it. Yeah I mean it's A. You gave a hoops maybe slightly. Maybe slightly over. I see enjoying the but you'd be really short and then you probably be single single single fingers on and he's got Jamie Cope by. Yeah absolutely and you know that. Four and his previous back from the four mylar some idiot Novus his last season didn't look like he needed unreal plods and the four mile four months since this Kerama. He showed himself to be well worthy of a one fifty ish. That's the boys agreeing and this one. A very concerned about the stable form a price of thirty three is a horse on forum. Should be about eight or nine more than bill. into the UN's we those. The press release Ben polling was involved in an ever happen that whether it be. We think we've got to the bottom of I'd like to get more detail but with more detail because it was too to be true it was as if something was if you have something from it and this sources back and forth. He's a much much twenty five thirty. Three's John's the Roy Will Ben polling the H. W. wounds a Monday one two tickets to Hong Kong and he said it's the first thing is I'm Fr- room months I was omitting stable. Form Wasn't great but WHO's is to say under the Code Follow that he bounced back kills. Who's your fancy Adnan? Essentially a cup was funny. I was considering back in Kimberlite Candy earlier in a week and then I decided he'd be just too clumsy. He's got I tom. Chickpeas is on any doubt seven. These McLennan on somebody obviously obviously fancies Let's not unlike the cool specialists for this and one for offer.

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