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And it's all the same girl. We got to see these pictures I don't. Don't. Understand. All. By Newt selfies. Is even explain that away. Even, if it's like a front front of his like you should have those pictures on phone, I shouldn't save them. Did you happen to check his instagram like messages or facebook messages? I. Couldn't find anything. So like I look at his Yams I looked. I looked at his text messages and so unless he's like. Sharp you know what I mean like. Okay. Let me get rid of all the things but pictures I think would be hard to get rid of as you have somebody that you're like you know fooling west so I don't know I. I never said anything to him because. I said, you know what? I'm not. I'm not going to like put myself in the position where all I'm going to get a financial lies because that's what's going to happen. That's what happened. You know the night that he changed his password it's like deflecting deflecting and so I didn't. Say anything to him about it and I've just imploding inside. So this is why I wanted to do this with you guys because then he won't have any wiggle room and we're gonNA catch him in the Lai. On any to catch him in alive this is why I want us to be war of the roses. What does he do for a living because I do have an idea what does he do for a living? Drives up for Uber. That's okay because I was GonNa say if he's in the entertainment business, for example, as I am. I have lots of pictures like that that people send me that I have saved I. Don't know who some of these people are but I saved them I have naked men, and they could women that I say just because they're painful. Okay. Jeremy is a beautiful there I stumble upon some right now a little bit ago while I thought. Well, these are neat like. I have pictures on my phone that I know that my wife would scroll what the hell a lot of them are feet right they're very hard to explain because she knows about the at unfold foot page she knows why there's weird feet not weird feet they're beautiful thing. We're. Not, like healthy. I was trying to think what would be an excuse for him to have a a non outside of him seeing this girl outside of the obvious. Why would he have in naked pictures of woman his phone trying to think of an innocent legitimate excuse and I can't think of what he's an artist or sculptor? Again I can. I can only think of one in that is if for some reason, he shares like what are those family cloud storage is with Percy, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Stretch but only thing that I could come into the password to the thing he's got going on the pictures A. B. He's got he changed the password. So that's that's the thing too. So he's got two strikes against him so. If, he deleted all of the message, the maybe text or facebook or. Instagram or something like that if he deleted those. Like, you would think you'd be smart enough to at least put the photos in a hidden folder or something unless automatic. He knew you were going through his phone. We make sure they could be innocent unless he. Did it on purpose to like let's find him. So. All Hey. We'll see who he sends the flowers to Andrea Okay are you ready to do this you ready? Yeah, I'd rather now. And what is your boyfriend's name? Derek Derek. The one they call, Derek. We. Will Call Him Kyle ready prepared. All right. We will get him on the phone. So we send the flowers to next which Jane Rich. We're in the middle of the road says you've got Andrea and Derek Boyfriend and girlfriend for five years living together for too long story short there's naked pictures at his phone at the same girl there. Nude Self. He changed his password a little bit ago. The a huge fight he slept on the sofa they made up and then he gave the password but she found these naked pictures and she's pissed she wants to catch him cold-blooded Bam that's it. Are you ready?.

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