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We went out and it was just like zero wind. And so you weren't plagued by all the waves coming in and wiping all the shows away. You know, it was just out and then we were just limited no time, but with phony is my kid. I tell them, we'll go count them. So he goes up the beach and dumps them all out. Then all of a sudden I see him running around screaming, panicking because of clams just immediately started going back. Yes. Couldn't tell what he's jumping up and down waving his. I realize the clans are making the break getaway, which totally shocked. Man, you know, I do to make. They you lose anyway. We actually, we just had to like, go grab back up there trying to get away. We kinda scoop. We scoop them all back. Oh, but that day it was so good. It was no risk of running out of them. Then the other exited I got here was, oh, hold on. What's your normal preparation for those. Man. Clam strips like classic going to a restaurant, get clan, but kind of like a thinking, man's clam strip, not like where you know you picture going into restaurant or clam strips and you get done eating them. And then there's the bottom of the Basque is full of a bunch of breading. Clumps like that, gently dust them. I take all the diggers and fry those in. Then I take three main portion of the clan, which I don't know what it's called, shitload needs call and the razor clam and dice it, and I make shout out of that. Do the things you pull out of those things? Stomaches is insane, never paid too much attention to it. Well, there's there see worms. They're really baby. Crabs are in there. Definitely seem baby crabs. Never seen the. It's been a long time up like they up some some crazy stuff and it's not like a normal little steamer. It just like filter feeding. I mean, they're like they are, but they're sucking up stuff lots to see you. And lots of little teeny crabs that razor clam sucking up and there's a ton of meat on one. They're so good. Goodness, little beach crabs or the sand crabs little interest. It's just, you know, it's, it's a crab, the size of your pinky, nail. They're good hung up and cold smoke to really? Yeah, they're good like that client. Yeah, I have a friend that does that. I've never done it, but I've eaten his and they're delicious. So what I've done with them is do like a thinking, man's clam strips which by that, I mean not like that crazy doughy. Right in general. Don't like a. Ah, batter batter breading. Don't like better. I like gentle breading. My buddy Henry termi on easing bisquick work like a chain. We're great, but not like you're not doing eg while she actually quick bisquick and then just. Yeah. It was fantastic. Oh. Henry Miller, the show notes. Yeah, Tony sent me a nice picture of clam with a bunch of kids who are willing five soaked. Yeah, cry to the dumping right before the calamity yet. Would it works just drag around big inner to with a kid stuck in it like no Bill. It's just too much surf would never work that would never work. So, yeah, do that. I guess it was like three main things I do. I'll come home, clean them all, and you gotta get rid of the gut on them because the guts, the only part you don't eat on them really. Then I will put them in a vacuum bag. The ones I'm gonna keep put a bunch of vacuum bag and it makes us nice little flat little pack of the clams, no freeze them like that. And I have some freezer now and then in vaccine them and they're in. Doom and pasta. So like your like classic linguini kinda right buttery clam sauce thing. And then my wife likes clam chowder. So I will make..

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