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Right way to do it. It's the easiest way to do it. It's the fastest way to do it. But if congress won't participate a won't go along we'll figure out a way to do it with with executive authority with. Let's be clear about this legal executive authority. This is not a circumstance with president overstepping his. Yeah. And that's going to be. But I don't want this thing decided in the courts, I want these guys to work it out. Sally K R M G in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sally. Great. What do you think about what's happening in Virginia? Well, I'll tell you what I am pro Republican sixty years old. I've seen a lot of ignorant. And I'm looking at the bigger picture heaven forbid getting rid of another demon rat is I'm all for that. And I'm glad. Oh, finally, come to lie because we know they're there. However. I'm just worried at the bigger picture of been being so politically correct that we can't even have our ignorance of period anymore. Either side. Mean? Republican. We'd ahead a high dollar investigation already on that mass resignations to and that's what bothers me. And that's the same thing. They they they went after Trump really hard next thing. You know, they're shooting Henry Harvey Weinstein, and there were shoot taking out Al Franken because the standard blows back at you. If you tend to be a whole either now, so we'll see never will women are people leave says Senator Hirono everybody, you know, I believe Dr Ford said Senator Blumenthal. Well, why don't you believe this accuser will do ten governor? I've no idea what happened, but she is a deep description, very detailed way too detailed description of what she says took place. Why don't you believe her? What did you call.

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