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By Chicago Cut steak house with Sal in the river David anymore going to roll out the red carpet for you. You're gonna have some great steak. Awesome appetizer. How about some nice red wine? Oh, yeah. You know, you could swing me over to the wine boat. Yeah. I'm almost ready to go over there. DeMartini? Yeah. I'm sure they have space heaters over there. So many of those I have olive in my urine sample. What is not only Monday morning quarterback, it's what a morning coach today? Yeah. Jump on Nagy Dumpem. No, it's it's ridiculous. I mean, itjust. This obviously has exposed Matt, Maggie and Ryan Pace. Moreover, And I'm not worried about Nick it all He just needs to develop chemistry and get more snaps. That's all. And can we please bench Anthony Miller for a minute and maybe activate Riley Ridley and see what he's got? Because Darnell Mooney has got a lot of promise. And where's whims He's got size. I don't know why they're staying with Miller right now. I would experiment. Really. He did catch the game winning touchdown last week. I mean, I don't care. You know, you're only as good as your last game, and last game was crap. He's been very inconsistent. I will give you super inconsistent, super inconsistent mean there is so much potential. There you watch him on film, and he does do a nice job times with routes. Hey, he does do some things that keep you coming back. I know I like to kid moony eyed like Listen, I'd like to see a lot of other guys I'd like to see Cole commit, get more snaps. I'd like tea. Even women get more bag in the chest. At practice, maybe I don't know why I listen. I can we please not have Cordero Patterson running the football. I don't get that fast for a pass like he's He's a straight up runner. Montgomery didn't get enough carries. But the old line is thie issue there on roller skates all day yesterday, and they ran into like you said on Twitter. I was following you yesterday. Big boy Defence. That's the first big boy defense. They faced the offensive line, go back and watch them against the Falcons. It was not very good. This was bad, and Xavier Rhodes looks like an all pro again. He was Velcroed to the Bear's last year was the Viking, but he's got out together, You know, and I love their secondary. But ah I don't know. I don't know what you do. That old line is terrible. Nick's going to be fine, but she got a protective. You know he's going to get hurt now and then it's going to be Mr Business. It's going to be all over it and I love social media. Everybody going well, Mitch would be more entertaining in a loss. I'm like, What is that where we are? Now, listen, here's where coaching comes into play. Okay, I know Matt's been waiting for a long time to run his offense. If you if you didn't already know that your personnel won't allow you to do what you want to do. It was on full display yesterday against a good cold, Stephen. So now with the coach needs to do, OK, you've got the quarterback you trust Got the offense. Majority of the schemes. You're gonna have to tailor it to some of the limitations. You have another positions, right? You can't get out there and just cut it loose and go. This is my offense is what I came here to do. When you talent can't keep up with it, so I mean, this is where coach has to make the appropriate adjustments. And this is where you actually coach on a short week. You've got two weeks in a row now where he is saying in his postgame news conferences in his Monday news conference. I'd like to have that playback. I didn't like that play call. I should have done something different. Don't You know, emphasize your mistakes. And as you said, you now have to tailor it to the talent. You have not What's in your brain? What's in your fantasy? What you want to do now? A stats wise. We talked about this off the air. The Buccaneers actually have a better run defense. And the Colt stats. Wass. Yeah, so they're going to sling it than 40 times. Listen, Frank Wright came out, said in his post game press conference, he said, Like I'm very proud of my guys. We came in here with a simple plan stopped there. Run enforced, you know is that that's what we're gonna do. It didn't say forced them to throw it on us. But that's obviously you know, that's what he meant. We're going to stop the run and forced them to beat us through the air. We don't think that they could do it. One thing is a positive out of all this. That Nick Foles was not going to get rattled. He's not going to be upset. No, he's not going to go crazy. I mean, he's so levelheaded. He's a pro and he'll he'll get it together. He'll do his part. I'm not worried about him at all. But we have much bigger issues now around him, which makes it worse. I mean, as you said, it wasn't just Mitch. Nobody was listening for the past two or three years. If that's what you're arguing about. You know, Right? Let's take some calls. A lot of people want to talk to Mark Wade in New York. Oh, Wade, you're on with marching Greco se lo. Hey, how you guys doing? Good. Where are you in New York. Oh, well, Brooklyn, New York, but the big Chicago Bears fan base 85 cool That's saying allowing while Sylvia I love You guys show in a while. He has followed you all the time and everything, but I must admit I was stressed out. Watching. This is well, this time I had to watch it on radio radio, and I see a pattern just with Maggie. And I'm just not a fan of his office and well, but he does. He needs to be a little bit more creative because I'm looking at Cole commit excited and like, why is he not utilizing least surprised? People don't know a couple of plays terms. You got the kid can do it if you give him a chance. I mean, every mill I love Lilliput dropping the ball and I agree with you. Maybe it's time to go another direction. Just let a couple of games so he could get their fire back. But it serves it also of line. I'm really upset with their management in terms so they should have got that guy can't think of his name that also supplying that was available. They pulled all the stops out and got that guy because they need somebody that got that, like Ling Long was on it. Also of lines in it is a piece and that all sense of line to get back to that. Are you sure? You know? Born in Chicago, just for the Giants of the Jets, Man. Welcome aboard, Waken actually watch radio on twitch. You can't because good point right now is good. Yeah, I mean, Look again. This is I think. As I said earlier today, when we first came out the offense has got issues their personnel issues and I think right now they're coaching issues as well. I thought Matt did a really nice job. When the season started, he decided Mitch was going to be the starter. He tailored the offense to him and tried to kind of concealed some of his limitations under center more committed to running the football lot of the passes air off of run action. Well, now you got Nick Foles out there. You want to run your office, but you're going to also have to tailor it to the personnel around him. You're not going to be able to do everything here with this group that you maybe want to do. This is where coaches tested and he's gonna have to clean up some things for sure..

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