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Support for durres cast comes from blue apron blue apron delivers farm fresh perfectly portion ingredients in step by step recipe so you can make incredible meals at home rediscover how fun cooking can be while reducing food waste in supporting sustainable farms in fisheries visit blueaproncomhewitt cast to get your first three meals free welcome back to you in all new set of dirt cast i am madeleine davies i am joined a by a cohost meghan reynolds hello i am begging reynolds we also have as our guest later in the episode and all friendly face not an old face the young face a friendly face fist a friendly face lee justified life i mean you'll you'll remember her from the jazz days of your she's one of the founding writers of the site we have a tracy eakin morressy coming on to talk about rob kardashian and black china a topic that she his embarrassing informed on i think that having a stripper in particular being the person that this is happening to is great because there is no perfect victim put i megan tori i'm good matti how are you i'm good i went to go see the new plan or the misery sobbed starting ten minutes n y those movie i never seen one before a but they're really sick and tired of it i mean i have i have never seen before either so have you know frame of reference for why i mean i don't know if you want to link go see a movie that like a bunch of baby chimp like screaming for their bad she than like yeah.

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