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Tom Terry Tom now it is partly cloudy some fog and low clouds it's fifty seven at Orlando's severe weather station save touches security triple team traffic I'm just reading the Georgia state patrol these are the state I would patrolman the most recent class all thirty of the cadets cheated during the final exam the entire class cadet class cheated on the exam they like that but at least they weren't doing the **** salute so I guess there's that fake troopers but at least they're not doing the **** you together and like the patriots he has kind of like the patriots you've got crash on I. four west bound and four thirty four you've got two left lanes blocked there with the delays now extending all the way back to forty six a that's going to take you one hour if you stick with those lazy take for seventeen for seventeen ninety two as an alternate after that yes what I'm for Fairbanks to colonial drive for about twenty two minutes checking the drive on I. four east bound here's our ground yeah you're going to be a slow off about twelve minutes twenty seven a fight thirty two a few minutes from Osceola parkway to five thirty six then Conroy often on to Fairbanks for thirty Iraq brown in delays remain on the turnpike northbound after Osceola parkway just after the four seventeen that's gonna take about ten minutes their honesty integrity wanted to resent satisfaction protek air conditioning plumbing services online and protek AC dot com they have a service technician near you with traffic alerts every six minutes in the morning or helping you get to work on time I'm at Torrance news ninety six point five W. D. via this is Clark Howard I'm the guy who helps you keep more of the money you make you're listening to the eight.

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