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Gang ridden venezuela or honduras i mean it's crazy what do they what do they what you know this is short term gain but very short term even in the mid mid term i don't mean midterm elections i mean in the in the midterm in terms of pine they they're not going to benefit from this no one is anyone better off for hugo chavez and his successor in venezuela is anyone other than a handful of the communist elite better off for the fidel castro fifty year misrule in cuba what do they think is going to be the result of a third world invasion what what happened in rome when the barbarians invaded the roman empire the dark ages ensued the dark ages the brent books written about this the the barbarians did not get along with the citizens the everything imploded societally even the cattle group were a fraction of what they were after the goths and the huns and the vandals had the and the allens and all the rest of the barbarian tribes had come in to the roman empire it you see it in california once the richest state in the union now per capita the poorest state in the union but golden state it's it's a joke just like new york the empire state it's not an empire anymore it's it's a disaster not just not just because of illegal immigration but that has something to do with it in california it's almost all illegal immigration that's destroyed the state eight four four or five hundred forty two forty two four one three says if you'll eagles voted republicans that'd be a fifty foot wall the entire length of the border i know i know exactly six one seven pelosi and schumer would would would turn your neighborhood into a disease infested cesspool if they could pick up another cedar two in the house i i agree it's all it is it's all for the vote and it's it's just crazy that's why i don't understand why the democrats are are doing so well in these special elections i mean people better wake up to to what's going on here what the democrats plan is and they woke up in two thousand sixteen you know they saw in the wikileaks that hillary clinton wanted open borders and open borders means means ms thirteen violence ever everywhere not just in chelsea.

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