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AM eight twenty NPR news and the New York conversation. It's the BBC NewsHour on WNYC in New York. I'm Richard Hake. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was calling on President Trump to remove tariffs on steel and aluminum Trudeau issued his plea as he joined Trump and the Mexican president to sign the US Mexico Canada agreement the successor to the North American Free trade agreement Trudeau says the tariffs continue to be a major obstacle to their economies. A report finds three top New York City housing authority administrators falsified. Dozens of elevator inspection reports between two thousand fourteen and June of this year, the three officials surrendered to authorities on Wednesday to face thirty three felony counts for lying daily news reporter, Greg Smith says the defendants allegedly patted the inspections to help the housing authority. Need elevator maintenance requirements? The system itself relies on the people who inspect it and that system is broken. So they'll tell you that the elevators are you know, that they have the situation. Under control. But I'm leery of anything that doesn't have proper oversight in this system. Does not have proper oversight. Smith says the Manhattan DA will handle the case. So New York City council. Members are introducing a Bill to make sure future government bidding with big corporations is more transparent. The new law would prohibit government officials from signing a nondisclosure agreement with a company like what happened in the Amazon deal council member. Brad Lander says that level of secrecy should never happen. Again, if the law had been in place, the city would have had to say we can't sign a nondisclosure agreements. So there's two choices we can make a bid, but it has to be public and people will be able to see it. Lander says that otherwise the city would have to walk away from private negotiations. We do have a chance of some light rain mainly later on this afternoon. Otherwise, a cloudy day with a high near forty two degrees in westerly breezes. Twenty percent chance of some light rain later tonight right now, forty one degrees in New York. Coming up next one of the latest on the tensions between Ukraine and Russia. I though swarms of insects are the scourge of subsistence farmers across Africa. So imagine what they could do if they knew when those crop destroyers were heading their way now team of British researchers has developed a system that helps them to do just that using satellite. Data gathered by the UK space agency. The system combines temperature data around weather forecast with computer models to help feed local Plum doctors with potential crop saving information, our science correspondent Bob gauche reports now from a farming community in Kenya. This small dust written motorbike, George marimba makes his fortnightly visit to the small town of Kimani in Kenya's Rift Valley province. It's market day. And the local foam is a selling their produce some of them come to see George about the problems they're having with their crops. George is a plant doctor treats crops ravaged by pests and diseases. He's currently advising farmer who's maze has been infested by tiny caterpillars trendy with the help of that Georgia identifies the species and recommends a right pesticide and other measures. He's transformed the lives of farmers here. Such as water will fuller due to the increased in account in my.

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