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And I went is what on earth or glass like it does look like a female condom. Yeah. So that's what I think it's tach that have to be gendered. Sorry. It'd be a male kind her saying, so that's like so weird. Why is it called so part? Here we go. This that looks great shot who we know shot fast bender seen he stopping the car on the road. So what happened here that's an entire? That's why is he holding his shoulder shot here. He's shot lower when he shot on the ir. So this is a scene where he gets the car and he's like, yeah. Crazy day. Can you take me to this cabin for? My bet you reshot the we'll see I have a theory about the right? So that's that out of this movie. That was name in a Norwegian highway. This is here the last two this is khloe. So as we know Chloe, she's just chopping heads off a chickens turned around. There's like a baby a sweaty mainly yet. But it baby del. But now we see this. She's clearly been running and then limping. Steps in a bear trap. So. Show that again. So there's the bear trap shows running. No, build up bear trap. This was that. There's a c- close seventy gets gotten a fucking bear trend. They were like cut it. But out of even diet anything else because he just comes up behind her a chip, I love this shit happens because I just like the idea of khloe bringing someone to the premier being a great scene Wregget's going in a bear trap. And then the friend I just picture halfway through the movie going liar. Such a liar. I wrote I wrote oh khloe seventies. In this movie some version of that. Okay. I wrote me I wrote like whatever two lines later khloe seven. He plays two parts in this movie, which she was like our sisters. I don't know. Where is she is like what's happening? Become love boat level crave really rolls, and you're on screen for forty five seconds and any time that I was like, oh, this will be interesting are twin sister rights related. This isn't confusing for you. Okay. I was maybe the reshoot was adding the twin sister. We just need to make this movie. Weirder. So tragic. This is the one that can found the most. Okay. So here we go. It's a barn. Looks at the barn from the the the end of the movie. And. So is there. An alternate ending where like Charlotte like clearly the house. Explodes explode such degree that it should be made out of gasoline. And who's in there? You feel like they shot at ending where like everyone dies, and like Michael fascinated is. And then other guy does his Titanic ending like Michael shot. It they were like it's too sad. They all should die except for the villain because the villain is clear. The smartest person in the mind far. I wish everyone gave it to camera interview at the end of this movie explaining they were J case. It's character was like so at the end nothing is resolved with me. I literally drop out of this movie was hard. I guess so. Yeah, I try to have a good time. I got a little bit off the rail just to get my characters explained at the end. But you know, what's up maybe sequel, I liked I liked the idea of a post credit sequence like that where it is. It's like what happened to them? It's like here's my best. Guess the way. I was able to go home on the flight and justify it or tell my friends is that we got the winter games. I went to my hallway full of beautiful tapestries the girl wasn't there. I took a nap. The only thing that made sense that this movie was when the villain was on the train with Michael fast better. And he was like, yeah, I'm going to con- some conference about using hormone therapy to prevent aging because you know, who's going to be plastic surgery. If you can use hormone therapy, and I immediately grabbed my laptop, and I was like is this possible. It is a real thing..

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