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Apparent state of trump's restaurants i wouldn't be surprised if the beds that trump's hotels come pre urinated on that's old school i think it'll tweet that's old oh because i mean scott pruitt got one of those use mattresses yeah it's still yeah i hope it's ever lasting someone should check on scott pruitt tonight because i'm worried just late tonight he's to be thinking about the state of his life eat chick chickfila lane on dirty mattress that's sad nobody deserves that giving up did i got a whole bunch of law gets on me i've got some other tweets i wasn't sure what the section was but so you've been tweeting and hashtag to it live ish caboodle says scott pruitt is the lowest of the lows gladis out but i hope the next guy doesn't say hold my beer i am worried he is going to say hold my beer my coal he's alex seymour says yeah i'm glad scott pruitt is out as the head of the however he will be back with his run to be a representative from oklahoma are watch continues is that announced as he is yeah it a lot of political aspirations i was reading about that as well you know one of them even so highs to potentially become president yeah here's what we need then representative scott pruitt of the republican minority the only minority he would ever be beth haven says at gerry jackson i think someone ran out of room on his car for bumper stickers i think referring to your laptop i assume for cars it ruins it yeah just saying okay so i do want to let you guys know just in case you don't that y t now has a full audio network that's not entirely true the damage reports on it yet but i'm gonna continue fighting day by day until then in addition to oliver awesome existing shows this launch of our full audio network includes a series of new podcasts including a weekly show hosted by none other than activists and former ohio state senator nina turner onto y t her show is called we the people and explores justice and equality through the eyes of those most affected by politics and policy for more on we the people and the entire network head over to to.

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