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In and think now that i'm here on their savior you now you can win because i'm here and maybe that's not fair to bryce harper or manny machado or wherever they might get but i'd be very careful i'd be very careful making changes to a team that is already the best team in baseball in terms of record beating the astros five out of seven this year has unreliable starting pitching in an era where unreliable starting pitching isn't what it used to be just like striking out isn't what it used to be so i'd be careful i'd be very careful if is brian cashman to think that you know i was thinking tonight they might be good enough right now i know everybody is is just locked into the starting pitching problems that they have but they didn't lose last year because of their starting pitching they lost because they couldn't hit in the series with the astros and i'm telling you now if they lose this postseason my bet will be my gamble will be my statement will be they will lose because they don't hit they won't lose five to two they'll lose two to one they'll have the one as they did last year against the astros relievers starters it didn't hit them at all so i'm not buying that they are desperate for pitching i think they'd like what because they are an injury away from being desperate let's say sunny grays.

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