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I think it's all going to pay off in the end for the jaguars all right it's time to pay off this this draft let's recap before stats declares victor i don't know why i've agreed to this because it's rigged rams bears and titans for chris simms even though the two main picks of move of the rams weren't free agent moves they were trades packers vikings jaguars for me stats which one do you like better well first of all i don't know why chris pick the rams because that was ridiculous i totally agree with you mike but then you picked the packers in part for a guy that they didn't sign and kyle fuller so you guys are a little off the rails but if i have to pick for the first time ever i'm going with mike florio over chris simms some blow up because anything remotely close goes to sim so i oh my gosh i mean he picked a tight end the camp block in muhammad wilkerson and a one year five million dollar deals is i beck and you'll get all my gosh it's insider job there were free agents abe remember this stats from ever historicism now because there will be another draft soon remember remember how he truly feels about you screw us forget how i truly feel i don't like to hell with the rate state farm agents get what's important.

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