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That far away and i just can't imagine how bad that was what it was like. Read in harlem. I feel for these people. I can't imagine this is another big one Possibly headed towards the texas coast and that might change by the time. You hear this podcast. But for cain seasons here. Pretty much through Almost the toby tober in the first in november. Hey the biggest story in the rv industry This week was because of the new delta variant and covert nineteen infection rates. Going up for the second year in a row the Rv dealer open house in elkhart indiana which was scheduled to start. I think late next week. We ugly after his cancel two years. They've canceled it. Was winnebago thor and forest river. They all said that they just had to cancel it. And that's a big disappointment to a lot of dealers because that's where they see the new models that are coming out. It's also a lot of fun. They wind alley is good entertainment and those good food and it really is a fun thing every our audience is gonna care because they weren't invited Beginning it's not the public now we went and the last one they had before the cancelled and we did a video on it. I mean you might talk you. You gotta look at it. We'll put a link to the video in the show notes for this episode. Our lifestyle dot com the elkhart video. But it was. It was pretty great. All right what else. We got well in germany salon. Duesseldorf the salon. Rv show right. I mean can you imagine this. They showed a class a with a compartment under it to store a car providing alternative to those who told a car behind them. So you don't have a you you. Rv actually as i saw the fixed rate raises up platform. And you can drive the car inside that raises down off you go down the road. It's kind of like must not be a big kangaroo. The kangaroo class yeah so anyway they were showing that at dusseldorf show and the duesseldorf. Rv showing europe. They held that too so well. That's the crowd of europe's equivalent of the rv show so a big show out there all right now. We've got a minnesota woman flown to a hospital after being severely burned by kerosene at her campsite. According to report on the incident a woman suffered kerosene burns all over her body while it harmony park. Near clarks grove. A witness told deputy he and the victim had campsites next to each other. And we're sitting around a glass face you know the kerosene lantern and then the basis glass and that's the kerosene is. You can always opens glass so you can see his sankei after With kerosene in that was burning the witness said as the woman was leading. She accidentally kicked the vase over and then became engulfed in flames. Fat is just terrible. Terrible terrible well. It says she was airlifted to the by the burn unit at a regions hospital in saint paul's in critical condition. I didn't know people still had kerosene quite a few. Yeah i guess they do. Those are really go out. In the middle nowhere we have battery operated solar kerosene is still pretty effective fuel but man so bernie back holds about you know a couple of inches. I don't know but it's pretty final. We've got to end this on okay on a good note. It sounds like a bad thing cooking. Can i don't know yeah kicking it with your foot. Meaning that was on the ground instead of a table that Careful out fan. She's in a great yes and hopefully they can help her. We need we need a story. We need a positive story. A texas woman gives birth to a baby in the state park while camping in her. Rv way to go meghan megan's her name megan's thirty years old and what's the baby's name l. Boy they were There fulltime rv years and the family stopped at a texas state park near corpus crispy. She didn't think that the baby would end up being born while they were camping in that area. The baby wasn't due for about sixteen more days but she and her husband. Jonas you know plan to have their baby in an rv but with a midwife not just the family at goose island state park meghan do hope to be then park at a family members house not in the wilderness to have this baby. It was unexpected for sure. She has five other children. So she's a pretty tough lady. Yeah and she's full. Timers are going to have the voile. Little loyalty spent all his time in the rv anyway relations. That's how anytime is a story about a baby. You can't yeah. yeah all right. Hey when we come back. We've got the rv questions of the week..

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