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He might he might get upset about something or other that people saw. But he never went to the media news media to complain about something team was doing or somebody. He was unhappy about he was always very defensive and supportive of his team. Because that's the way he felt could get pretty faced e behind closed doors. But that was how it should have been. Did he have direction from someone like you or did that come naturally to him to keep everything behind closed doors? I think we all together. I mean, one of the reasons I think our friendship grew is that we were both. Yeah. Careers informa- warm west of maturing and accelerating about the same time. I mean, I've been in follow on for ten fifteen years maybe longer by the time. I got to what we Michael. But I yeah. That level of responsibility. I had Benetton was the biggest team I'd beat in on the highest level responsibility. I've been in. So you know, I was learning as I went along. And so is he so, yeah, he's he's fourteen years younger than me. But we were both on this puff of of trying to achieve success in for more on. I think we both hiding from each other. I had a bit more experience. But yeah, not been that close to the responsibilities. I had that. Before. So. Yeah. Level of responsibility. I had him for the size of team. I had it been a new thing for me. And so that that we were both on a learning curve in different ways. And I think both support each other and both trusted each other, which was another key element. Well, I was gonna say what was the glue that kept you to imitate Hilo together for such a long period of time. I think. The thing. After awhile we just learned to read each other. When when when not to talk when to push when to hell back, unlike any any relationship that Volvos and develops matures, you know, the right time to encourage the right time to criticize in the right time to hold back, and that was something which developed with Michael. And so, yeah, I I had a principal. Rinses? Never really. Well, I recall ever telling him how to drive a car. I'd make the information available. He could draw conclusions. But I had no idea. How to drive racing car? I could see from the data analysis of various other things where it was working where it wasn't working. But you know, I had no experience of going into a corner. At the speeds that those guys were doing and and Michael often, you know, you could see comparing into other drivers he would have more of a. A tendency to go into a corner and see what was there and cope with it?.

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