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Right. We are continuing on. We are now addressing the offensive and defensive lines with our DEAR PAL. Find Him on twitter at chief in Carolina Mattie Lane. How are you my friend? Do Good it's nice to be here with both of you guys since you guys went gallivanting off on your own to the combine. Invite Your Eyes. So now we're back all together as a group and it just it just feels right gallivanting. Yeah there was lots of gallivanting. Good word yes. I know what that word means totally Let's go ahead. Mattie wha what I WanNa do talk let's talk about the tackles the interior offensive line and defensive line prospects that that helped their situation in how or hurt their situation how it affects the chiefs draft. So we're going to start on the offensive tackle. Ezra Cleveland out of Boise State. Mattie you were mad last week that we did it. Mock enough tackles in to the first round of our mock draft well. Cleveland is announcing his presence. With authority he could be like seven tackle taken in this draft and he might wind up all the way into the first round. Kit was smarter you to get ahead of Tirade about our lack of offensive tackle going in the top ten. But we'll leave that. David's control as clearly had four top eleven as reclaim atop succeed. As Cleveland was one of the most athletic combine performances. You have seen often to tackle just about ever right up there rivaling. What Colt Miller did a couple years ago? And if editor members Colt Miller ended up going in the top half of the first round based purely on this athletic upside. I don't think as Cleveland's GONNA give himself up that high end of the draft class. I don't think the offense of tackled classes a whole week is it was that year. But he's definitely pushed his name Almost top fifty locked in the thing is his fill on. The field is good. He's very steady very technical. He is a good player. The athleticism shows just not elite level athleticism and for the chiefs. This is great news. Get this guy off the board before thirty to push somebody else down. They don't need an offensive tackle. That bad right now if somebody wants to jump up grab the top thirty six anything. Nope that's I don't as real yet. He's so this is going to be completely from like Someone who hasn't watched him and just heard about him but wasn't it like before the combine people were talking about him playing guard right and now he he tested so my question is what on his tape. Lead you to believe that he potentially might be guard. This athleticism that show up on tape. I I don't know if I understood the guard talk either. I don't think he looked like he was the longest offensive tackle. So if your whole reason was the arm length argument to go to guard. I make sense to me. It's functional strength is my biggest question so I think putting him inside were probably made that a little bit worse. I liked him to tackle. I just thought that he was steady and solid. Nothing splashy dynamic. Now I did find out coming from the combine. He played all year with turf toe injury that may have made a little bit of impact. He said that it didn't really get reported because he just had to play through it but he said that he play all season on turf toe injury that could impact them. I thought he looked like a good athlete. It's just I don't know what the whole thing that was holding his tape was. I need to go back and watch two thousand eighteen tape to see if that injury hampered of more than I thought I did and I need to watch him too because the packers actually speaking of before the cheese the packers actually have very similar needs to the chiefs in this draft class. Especially when you look at that inside linebacker position Looking for a team. That might take someone that could be there for the chiefs. That thirty two But a guy like Ezra Cleveland watching what happens with Brian Balogh if he leaves that skyrockets offensive tackle to a huge need for green bay. So a guy like Ezra going thirty overall Green Bay could really really be something that could really helped chiefs out at thirty two especially if that knocks back like a candidate. Murray or Patrick Queen the the hit rate on offensive LINEMAN TO RUN SUB. Four point five. Short shuttles is very high as re Cleveland. I believe is the only person in this class to hit that threshold. I let's move to the interior offense of line now and a guy that we got to see it the senior Bowl Matt Hennessy. At a temple. He really helped himself along this week to Mattie yeah and Matt Hennessy like you said after the Senior Bowl. His stock was already on the way up. I think more people got to see him. They gotta see how fluid of a movie was. He was essentially. I think what everyone thought Nick. Harris was going to be a very athletic zones. Probably Zone scheme only interior offense but he has a good enough anchor good enough base general baseline size that he can play in the NFL. You have questions about that guys like cares Matt. Hennessy came out to the combine. Not only did he move very well. He still ran a five one eight forty time. He had good three Cohn at seven. Four five the shuttle's four point six he had a good performance but where he released it out wasn't the drills. Once they got out to the field work you could tell that he moved at a different way in a different way than some of these other interior offensive. Line Guys Matt His. He's probably going in the top sixty four at this point in time now and if the cheese want him. This is a popular mock draft pick for chiefs fans in the third round going through this whole process. You know you're taking him in the second round if you want Matt Matt. Nfc maybe even earlier. Yeah if you want if you want him it's gotTA BE PICKED. Sixty four It there's just there's no doubt about it in the interesting thing is second best short shuttle on the day For the offense of Lyman was Matt. Hennessy didn't meet that four point five threshold but it certainly was the second best performance of the week. Yeah Do you have anything? Jake not really Just that just basically Dako and kind of piggyback off Matty said It looks like that. Sixty four pick is kind of the sweet spot. I think for a lot of these into your offensive linemen and I think that's headed up by medecine. I think you've gotta grab the reins of kind of that second tier interior of wine tight. So that's probably If they're gonNA net snap them up that's probably what's going to be. Yeah I just wanted to add. I think Cesar Ruiz is still very clear number. One Interior offensive linemen. Especially if you're looking at center. I don't think he did anything to hurt his stock. He moved very well too but mad. Hennessy's probably gotta be centered number two right now and if you're looking at interior offensive lineman as a whole. He's gotTa be there in the second tier with a couple often tackles guys that are kicking into guard so if you want. Interior Offensive Lineman Matt. I'm even sure you can wait till sixty four if you're going after a Senate because after him. Caesar there's a big drop off at center if that's your plan. They're still guys like Keith. Ishmail that you can get to. Maybe a Lloyd cushenberry some of those guys but they might even be pushed down like maybe closer to that third round ranges. Well artless closed this out Mattie with defensive Lineman Neville Gallimore out of Oklahoma so the first to have kind of been guys that may be helped the chiefs by pushing some other guys down with Matt Hennessy. We talked about how they might have to take him a little bit earlier before. Nedal Gal APPs I think he was a guy that a lot of people saw that could slip into the first round based on some freakish athleticism and that showed up at his forty time Iranian blazing fast forty one of the better ones for defensive tackle. I've got a ton of But then he ran the agility drills. Didn't do explosive testing which was strange given his athleticism but after the four seven nine forty he ran almost eight second three. He ran over five second twenty shuttle. Those are bad numbers for a smaller. Athletic Pass Rushing defensive. Tackle a don't think there's going to be a big urgency to take him in the first round you kick out that third defence of tackled. It was fighting to get into the first round position that she's probably aren't looking as heavily. That just puts another player. Hopefully just a trade out for Cleveland. But that just puts another player to A position the chiefs may need going in the top thirty one picks and I love. I love big NABS tape He was graded. How for me? Really well and we ran that forty. You're like oh my goodness here goes like here comes the and then it was like I mean just fell off a cliff which is weird right to count it not to go off on a tangent but like these numbers. Were really interesting this year. The combine and there's been a lot of buzz about guys standing around all day like what's going on With these guys have to run and wait now or do something else So I'm not sure if nev is someone that is going to be able to rebound at his pro day but produce in general this year. I feel like we're going to be a lot more interesting to pay attention to just because I think there's a lot of guys out there that weren't pleased with their combine performances and maybe weren't pleased with the setup of the NFL combine And they're looking to rebound and I never gallimore is one of those guys that could potentially be In that boat. We've we've got one of those guys that's definitely going to have to re to re-test when we talked to Craig but no. I totally agree with everything. You guys have said so. Far the one other thing I just wanted to ever gallimore. I don't think the process insanity season has gone great for the senior bowl. He was good but he was gung nearly a step below Johnson while he was he was in the next group of guys down. He didn't stand out anymore out. Marlon Davidson was better than his one. Day strawbridge was just as going. He did not impress at the senior bowl he had the same issues. He flashed on Cape at the senior bowl. He was kind of a one move guy that struggled the transition moves together if this athletic testing sticks bottom six percent Thailand. Three cone bottom two percentile in twenty yard shuttle. If that's the that's probably why he can't count. He literally placed too out of Control to change direction in the middle of a play right. That might be a warning signs yet. You can kiss that first round hype for him goodbye. In my opinion after the combine unless something changes with Oklahoma pro-death that is chief in Carolina. Mattie lane thanks for joining us but thanks for having me on guests. That's senior beautiful faces again. We move on from one handsome man to talk to another find him on twitter at Barley. Hop Craig. Stoute's thank you for taking a little bit of.

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