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Today bruce elia drug grandma i'm still getting used gary seren hit the button did i hit did i hit the button i don't know his job hit the button it's my job run my mouth the the unhinged left it's really going insane and they're they're upset now they're whining still about the electoral college hillary clinton won the popular vote that in two fifty you'll get you a cup of coffee congratulations kim nice little pat on the head send him out the door back to this new yorker piece where they're sitting talking about the the unfair advantage of the republicans in the electoral college all you gotta do brock obama didn't run up against this unfair advantage in the electoral college he managed to win enough states hillary clinton didn't bother to campaign in wisconsin hillary clinton didn't bother to go to michigan often enough hillary clinton thought that having bruce springsteen and jon bon jovi performed philadelphia would win her pennsylvania it didn't work out but the left hates the vote when they lose all they love it when barack obama work the election's over i won elections have consequences elections have consequences wanna democrat wins elections have resistance when a republican wins very very weird how that works out but listen to this is points sound like the complaints of sore losers they are but democrats independence and anybody else who cares about a functioning of american democracy have good reason to be sore there is no majority of voters out there clamoring for a ban on abortion restrictions on collective bargaining roadblocks to legal claims against big companies or the purging from the electoral rolls of voters who skip a couple of elections oh there's no this is what cracks me up i wanna go through these one by one after the news but the the voting thing i just wanna get on that for a second because it cracks me up the supreme court said look if if people haven't voted and by the way if they haven't voted then the election board sends a mails them something hey do you still live here and then they check with the post office to find out if they live there it's not just you didn't show up for a couple of election cycles and boom you're done you're out on your key stor no that's how it works there's a lot more to it but that would be a little too nuanced and i dunno informative for a journalist bothered to tell you but again i was on with what's her face shannon bream on tuesday night and we had this discussion about illegals voting up in boston boston's considering what six maryland towns have done already allowing anybody who lives in the community to vote because they live in a community therefore they must have a voice no they don't they shouldn't but the the left is very upset these illegal aliens they should have a say they want to undercut they want to expand their voter base and if you are once you get on the voter rolls it's really easy to commit fraud the left always says the vote is sacrosanct we must not do anything that inconveniences anybody in the least when it comes to exercising their most important of constitutional rights the right to vote well if it is the most important right that you have and it's right up there why isn't it worth the bare minimum of protection 'cause reaching into your pocket and pulling out a photo id ain't exactly breaking bricks right if it is so important if it is indeed sacrosanct must be protected without lives shouldn't you do something to protect the honor system is nice it would be great if we were all honorable people but just a majority of us are honorable people there are a lot of nefarious people turned out a lot of them are dead in chicago and vote often an early but it is that one of those things that democrats are scared to death of because you see if somebody's on voting roll their name on that big listrik it's printed up and they've moved to florida say say somebody who lives in baltimore and they never bothered to inform the local board of elections that they've now moved to florida they've retired and somebody knows that hey joe hasn't shown up for the past two election cycles then there's nothing stopping some nefarious party hack working in the electoral process to tell people had joe you can come into precincts seven and just say your joe and you'll be able to vote and you don't have.

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