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Base. Lewis McChord, the North bound I five on and off ramps at the main gate are now closed overnight for road work. The next report at 9 44 J. Phillips Cuomo News Shannon O'Donnell with your Komal forecast from the diversified crawl Space Weather Center, Everybody it is Wednesday night here in the Pacific Northwest. We're bracing for the cold with the wind is starting to kick in. And a major fashion in the Fraser River Valley Gusting 30 to 50 MPH into what Come county in the San Juans tonight. We'll see when she'll reading Sarah Times in the single digits, so this is dangerously cold. They're closer to B. C in the South, and the precipitation is gonna march in and meet that cold air such that we should have some pretty widespread snow from the central sound toward the Oregon State line on Thursday. Best chance for accumulations from this first round will be from Pierce County south into Louis County, where we could have a couple of inches on the ground. By the time Thursday is through and then potentially quite a bit more into Friday and Saturday is more rounds of precipitation. Come in and meet this cold air in the comer Weather Center. I'm meteorologist Shana. No. Dogs are a 39 degrees in Seattle. Witnesses to last night's fatal officer involved shooting in the central district Describe a terrifying scene. Seattle police say they shot a man after he raised his gun and opened fire. These are responding to a shooting call. They found two women, one dead and the other critically injured comas. Michelle Esteban has the latest numbers tell me it was a terrifying scene for them. They actually heard gunshots. They saw the alleged government waving the gun walking around in circles and shouting. It happened on the grounds of the North West African American Museum. Police found the two women in a parked car in the parking lot of the museum. They believe all three are known to one another. SPD said. Officers encounter that alleged gunman from the parking lot Entrances. They approach. They heard gunfire and said he raised that gun and opened fire. Now we believe multiple officers returned fire. Lemons pronounced dead at the scene..

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