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Well, a smart smoke alarm isn't quite 'Smart as it used to be this after the startup behind it went out of business art, Larry, what kinds of features are people who bought this alarm losing when we're talking about the halo plus smoke alarm and one hundred thirty dollars spoke alarm, which a lot of money to pay for actually smoke accommodation carbon monoxide alarm. You can get those at WalMart for under ten dollar if you just want wanna dumb one. And this one will continue to be a dumb one. It will set an alarm. I get that completely dumb. It'll set an alarm if there's a fire or if there's carbon monoxide, but it will no longer push that information to your phone. It will no longer warn you of inclement weather and Neva the feature that encourage people to spend this kind of money for device that won't do that anymore. And this is one of those cases where it's important to get the word out because people might assume that that information's going to come to them and short of getting it. They might think that there's no problem, you're absolutely right. It is important to help the company notifying people, but it also brings up the larger question of. What happened if you buy a product maybe from his startup or perhaps even established company and they go to out of business if they no longer support it. And frankly, you're kind of out of luck because products like this and there are plenty of other garden sensor company that went out of business. And when they when the cloud goes down when the company turned off the servers, you no longer get the features that come with the product. So could we consider this to be a little bit of a buyer beware about these kinds of smart products? I think so. And I hate to tell people to only shop companies like Google Amazon, you know, and stay with them star because I love startups in some of our best product start out startups like nest, which was eventually acquired by Google, but you do have to be aware that if you're buying a product that's made by startup there, if the possibility that there smoke alarm could essentially.

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