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He doesn't hit the breakable well they pitch to him well with good they did the ramirez ramirez had a great year this year they didn't throw ramirez anything he could hit he chased everything he looked awful and happens in the series now judge is going to strike on a lot he's going to go through real strike out droughts then he's gonna hit a couple nine miles and you're all going to be happy as the way it works james in orange county was up james hey mike how i what's ample what's impressive is how sanchez total we've turned around his catch him abilities i mean you you called obese pitching staff for this series unbelievable well listen is assured listen it's a short list it's a short you know number of games is that that doesn't mean you might not rear its head again i mean it's possible light but now i didn't remember he could have a big game you know but he definitely handle the tanaka situation he handled well yes yeah and definitely he said he has a great report the pictures right now the and he he went right up hearing he comes in down right away when when things stuck to look ugly like you could we saw chapman last night i mean goes right off the the mound in whatever is said to him you know fp we got it whoa you walk the battering if you wherever you said to him if you eat from strikes against roe i mean it look like you know he handled it pretty well chapman was one min chapman muslim who that he wouldn't have any problems chantler was an uncontrolled armless light completely in control mark in north brunswick goes up mark live mike was though francona out closed or outplayed last night and you think the umpires effected the game at all the home don't buy it had a terrible game but he had a terrible game for both teams and you know what when you lose the other manage gets the kudos and you get the blame so francona his team you know he he got lauded for many years for being the guy who orchestrated the comeback against the yankees now he got beat from you know he's now lost sixstraight closeout out games so next year if there in the playoffs.

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