Soviet Union, Nuclear Arsenal, Saddam Hussein discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


You know this has been calling for a while and everyone curbing jericho about it but you know if they're going to have to rely on nuclear kahan which we successfully done with other countries do occur much more powerful and dumber tour myers radical i maoist china sick you i am the soviet union of course with more powerful the north korean weak occurred them with our most capable nuclear arsenal in the world we still have so i think that the way they're probably gonna go so when they say something like thousandsfold revenge do you think that north korea amber scared and artery then gear because they seem to your cake out saddam hussein no nuclear weapon glib gouveia who had actually given up at nuclear weapon north playing ball at the y and to their tirade united kerry garrahy eight with and for their narcotic give up these weapon and also a lake awada wild statement could try to scare of the us because they're scared of the us and so it angle endless cycle but i think you know chairman mao nike kick even county got nuclear weapons a china where we go no i couldn't play now establish our after in but our revolutionary and he threatened to want nuclear weapon you can unite dave and there were good the same issue came up in them lbj administration lyndon johnson assertion or whether you might take your cake out this regime or these weapon and the group may you know to rip tachograph hollywood they're gonna you know the work they've been fighting here but we'll see what happens but uh they certainly have out here route or there or hiking pragmatic under the surplus behavior over time uh all dictators want to survive can't survive if you've been generating growth superior nuclear force any country than alcohol mcgrath is liable could be deterred or acceptable the deterrent the prominent you have it with terrorist groups who don't have a home address well kim jong un has a whole mcgrath and so he can be deterred because.

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