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Who do you think was the hardest picture that you had to face and not successful against? Not successful. Well, I mean, there's no way I got a hit off big unit. I mean, I don't know how many times I chased him. But I've not only been a couple, but I didn't hit him. Uh, Trying to thank you. I would have faced them about Tom Glavine. I wouldn't hit him. I don't think Chan Ho Park. Yeah, I probably wouldn't hit him either. Andy Ashby. Oh, I did face him a lot. Well, 40 Williams a lot too, Because what he will. Yeah, right. Well, all three of those pictures You are over nine each one of them, but that's okay. That's okay. You know, that's okay. But I gotta ask you who is Bryant? Lord, This is a guy that I tried to look at. Brian Lawrence, you are over Telegram. He was a padre guy. Okay, I I could not. I mean this guy. I couldn't remember who he was. Those are the guys that you went over. Jason Jennings was another 11 for 10. So these are obscure names, a few of them. But, you know, glad. And Channel Park and Andy Ashby is not too shabby with those three. So let's go on the other side to hit. Let's go on the other side. Who did you rake? Who do you think you had your best at bats against any good names? Would not know a name now I know I know Foppert. Jesse Foppert just texted me the other day and said That he was laughing because he heard on the radio that this date Giants history is when I went three for three with two doubles and four R B I in Pittsburgh. But now I have no idea who the pictures work. Well, how about Shawn Estes? What'd you do against the lefty? Oh, did I didn't. I didn't hit Shawnee. I burned it, Johnny. No, you're you and two for two with a double off of them. Oh, my God back. I'm gonna have to call him today. You might have to Jose Silva, another 12 for two a two R B. I's here's a good one. Jason is Ring house. Good hard thrower there. Which Yeah. What you do against him? Eric. He must must have got him when he was with the match. Then he could bring it to two for three off of him. I was impressed. That's impressive. See him. Sometimes I see him sometimes, too. I'm not to tell him that to you now. Now Wayne Franklin was a lefty. Correct. Yes. Two for three off Wayne Franklin. Very good. I must have stayed in on him. I was going to say you had have done something because that that's a pretty good. That was a tough lefty back in the day. And here's the best one. A Dodger Oral Hershiser, which do gets big oral Oh, well, I faced him and my second career game, But I've done it three times off of I was gonna say that. Did I hit him? Yeah. You went one for one for one. But three sac bunts, which was I thought was impressive with oral in one game. Yeah. One day. Andy Bennis. You know, we go back to Andy Bennis. That was probably the most at backs you had. You went three for 11 off him. Good good numbers off him. That was really the the most at bats you had. And you were talking about Andy Ashby. But Andy Ben is definitely uh, when he was with the Padres of the Cardinals, probably either, or But good numbers. You only struck out 105 times and that was out of 622 at bats. So I thought that was very impressive. You're the bat. You know the lumber company as you would say it Well, I do know, Dusty told me first game or that first year in 96. I think the Cardinals beat me. And like my second start for the Giants, or first I don't know what it was in 96, but I busted in the two double plays, and so in the third time up, we're losing one to nothing. He pinch pit Gardi so that he could bunt. We had 1st and 2nd. Well, then Gardi hit no double play, and I ended up I ended up losing the game one to nothing. And after the game, baked told me, he said, Hey, he goes kid. He goes. I wanted to keep you in the game, he said. But he goes. I couldn't. I was trying to get those runners over. He goes. If you want to pitch deeper in the games and get a chance to win, because you have to learn to bunt better. So after that, I concentrated more on, you know, putting the ball in play and getting my bunch down. And do you know anything else? While in 2000 and three You had a stolen base. You had one stolen base in your career and one caught stealing. Couldn't find this. Do you remember your stolen base? Oh, gosh. Arizona, uh, believe me believe they were standing on the top step of the dugout like on the railing, and I was looking at him and he was giving me like with his two fingers like to run like, you know, in the Hey, Just go like with two fingers and I'm like looking at him, like, Are you serious? And he kept doing it. And because nobody. The guy was kind of just right behind me. And I took off and and I've got the steel and I actually have a picture of it in my shed. I got one first stolen base. I just don't tell people that was my only don't sit. That was well, You know, you're definitely kept the clubhouse alive. JT slow. Uh, so many people. Tyler Walker. Richard Really, Yeah, everybody you picked on and everybody picked on you. And that was the center of attention. But I got to go back into some of the clubhouse pools that you did and how many different basketball pools and things you Kentucky Derby. All these things You ended up winning, and they always said He's Irish. He's got to be Irish. He's got to have a leper iccat it it is body somewhere. And you know the the four Cleveland four Leaf clover must be in his pocket at all times. How did you win most of these? Because they said he was mostly to lie and share of everything Was that something you worked out? Is that some kind of information you held back. No, it was. It was luck and you're you're saying all the good luck charms. If you ask anybody, they always said I had a horseshoe. That's what it was to tell you where they where they told me that I had it. But they said I had, They said I had a horse you all the time, And even when I pitched, they'd say that But I don't know Now Guys will tell you that they all said I cheated because I even won the Kentucky Derby. One year they put up on the video board out in center field. Woody the cheater. Uh but I told him all the time. I mean, we go through the courthouse in spring training, picking names out of a hat. I mean, whenever I had to pick guys would like, roll my sleeves up. Make sure I couldn't have they thought I put names in my pants. I mean, I was basically wearing nothing when I'd pick a name out of a hat because they thought I was speaking somehow and and I told him I said I'm not. I said, I'm just telling you, it works out that way. But You know, Dusty, Dusty did a video and I always go back to bake because he'd always do something crazy with tools to and that he called me on the video. Carla did for me when I retired. The very last thing on it is dusty saying Hey, I love you. I love all your family. But he goes one of these days. A goes over to catch you cheap because I know I know you had to cheat it some of those tools because you want every year. Well, how about Ray Durham? Ray Durham made it quote. Guys say Kirk reader was lucky over the years watching him win. They just got pencil whipped. Dropped out with the letters right there. Just put it right out of the point there. D be the Yeah. They thought something was going on all the time. And a great story Me and grip, marquees Grissom. We were combined one year and For the CIA pool..

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