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To we're going to halt even some policy measures For a period of time so that we can have a debate and have robust discussion about him. They came in hitting the ground running. They have already taken us to a very far left wing outlook and that's where they intend to keep us. I think for as much as they can get away with for the next foreseeable future. Well it's a comedy and tragedy together. Because first of all. I gotta i gotta ask. You didn't see nancy pelosi. Yesterday i did not see her in the few minutes that i could bear tune in he was on the stage behind the The president as he was being sworn in. Yeah okay. Well then it's not. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't arrested. Okay so yesterday. I got up at four. Forty five in lynchburg virginia. I was down in at liberty university at an event. And i got up super early so that i could catch a flight to charlotte so i could catch a flight to laguardia so i could be home in time to watch the Shenanigans and i say that respectfully i meant to say tom foolery i think that's the that's the more accurate term. The tom foolery taking place in the nation's capital and it was an extraordinary thing to try to process from my point of view. Because i have been on the record saying that. I don't believe this election was fair now. One of the ways that. I know that that's probably true. The way dissenting voices are being treated in america today. People say you can't say that we're gonna come after you. I think what pay. Hey we're in america in america you can say blank. The president and people have been saying it riding bicycles around the white house and stuff and nobody does anything. Because it's america right but that's one of the ways that i processed what is happening. I think to myself when people try to shut you up and try to demonize you. That's one way you know that you're not missing something. Unfortunately it right. I was knocked off of twitter for another week. Because i dared to post my conversation with mike lindell now again even if you don't like what he said or don't like what i said or hate the conversation or even if he said stuff that's false. It's a conversation between two people in a free country. But i was knocked off. If that's what tips me off to the whole to the bigger picture. So when i was watching this inauguration yesterday i said this before kevin. I still have not figured out. I'm literally gonna have to pray about this how to process what is going on right now in other words. If i don't think that this president was elected first of all let me say for all the jug heads out there. I'm not advocating violence. Nor have i ever advocated violence. Even when i say we need to fight to the last drop of blood if that meant the twitter won't accuse you of it though you meant my blood right. Just as a martyr's have have fought to the last drop of blood but they were not wielding the weapons. But the point is that i mean i've always said that we need to be respectful our institutions and our leaders and i respect the president. Whoever the president is but. I actually have a question. Now how is he the president if there are serious questions whether it's just one of these was star things so we have to say i guess that yes. He is the president. But it's like with the biggest asterisk in the history of ding that's a typographic turned by the way folks. When i say not that i'm not referring to People holding certain offices..

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