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Are you ready? Okay. Are you ready? Read out loud the question going? Yeah, but don't put it too close to Michael look at feedback. Well, also, great. You can plead the fifth if you want, which player is most likely to be perpetually. Single. This game. Okay. Which one do you think Jack? I don't know. I'm going to just throw it out there. Probably me. Okay, great. Becca, your question press next beca. Which player do you think pretends they have more money than they really have. Probably me. Although Jack's always on vacation, but she's never paying for it. So maybe it's Jack's. It's true. Could be. Next reveal. The next question. This is a good one county. Which player do you think has taken the most drugs in their lifetime prescription drugs or like a legal? It just says, drugs does. We'd count as a drug, oh my gosh, it doesn't matter. Yeah. No kidding. Let me thank care. Okay. So Jack, I know is the pot smoker, but I feel like was pretty straight edged into later in life. Becca, I think is the kind of person that was dropping extra when she was ten. So I feel like in a in a scale of a lifetime, Beck has probably done more drugs, especially now that she's picked up the weed habit. Also. I also just recently picked up the weed habit. Pain all over New York City. Okay. Okay. Okay. Next question. Okay. What's the biggest mistake you've ever made that would be dating? My ex boyfriend who really biggest. I'm into that, but it's not mistakes. I learned things, but that was like, yeah. Okay. Back up one. And how was the last time you made someone else? Cry aches. I mean, I don't know that I know of that's I don't know either. Maybe you've never made me cry me neither. Maybe my sister, Tom, we hunter huge argument about a year ago. We were at the beach with my family, and her baby was like crying and crying and crying, and she kept insisting on changing the baby's diaper next to our bedroom door. And I came out and I was like, move the baby away from the indoor and she's like, I can't help it. I have to change your diaper and she's like, she lost it all and I'm a dick, that's hard. I'm dick. Yeah, I understand. She cried. K. she answered next question. Ooh county. Which player would be the most likely to flip a table in an argument when on me back to you won't even get master. Jack would be like. Corno. Could be like, I'm Teresa Judeh zooming tables. Oh my God. Prostitution. Oh God. I guess you've gotta be angry to flip time in their over, flipped a table by like thrown stuff. Oh my God. I've broken so many cell phones to throwing them. I have a rage inside of me. She's a little person with a big raid jock which players most likely to be fired from their job. And why. I would say Jack me. But I've never had a job old navy. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Me for forgetting. I have one word. The employees back. What's the biggest lie ever told to the player on your right. Jack. I don't think I've ever told you a lie. What would you lie about? I don't know that it didn't bother who when you were read to her wedding. She didn't give a shit. I don't. I really don't think I've lied. I mean, I probably should start. So you're gonna plead the fifth. I'm gonna plead the fifth cabinet, put that in there. Go back. I don't want to eliminate you from the game. Say you answered okay. Oh, Kelty. Which player are you most jealous of and why? Oh. Oh, dangerous. Being reckless. We're trying to split up the late again before you even get on TV. There's nothing. I'm jealous. I'm jealous of both of you, but for different reasons, not answer. Just gonna. Go make one. No, Jack, I'm jealous because she's just like naturally cool, which I am not. So like no matter what I do, how hard I plan out what bathing suit I'm gonna wear at the pool or like what I'm going to say or do or be you're listen to drive or whatever. Like it's like effortless Jackson shows up, and she just like, is is cool. She's cool, inner DNA and also her body is stupid and annoying, and her legs are so long..

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