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I guess the I mean none of us are well. There's some exceptions Joe firestone and Joe Sky also maybe just maybe. I'm not the great actor but also like a lot of the people that we cast on. The show aren't like a lot of the kids in the choir their kids from the Milwaukee Llc area that no we don't want a bunch of child actors who sink perfect we want the kids to be them selves and sound like a Acquire the when we did this new season we needed a beauty salon and We've found not only the the perfect beauty salon. The kind of reminded me of the one from my own grandmother got her hair done but the owner of on was such a great personality. Interesting Person I mean. She spent their entire fire career talking to people all day long and finding out what they know and keeping them entertained while she cuts their hair. You know who better to cast than the the net. Sometimes it makes things tougher to but I I think these decisions to shoot in real places US real people and Let the unpolished of go. Just it Kinda adds up and hopefully grounds a show on a bunch of choices says and also Me and Marty scouse pull the excellent director. Don One hundred percent know what we're doing so we just kind of embrace a a bunch of the flaws of the show instead of trying to split them out include them and I hope that that's fun like Joe Firestone's not call like this but in episode eight of last season She walked right into a doorway. And I don't know anybody really noticed but stuff flake leaving and shots were she walks into a doorway or where I Almost trip or something like that you just you know. Don't don't bother take in amount because that's what people wanna see. People run at the doorways. I think are you proud of this. Show yes we put Everything we have into it. I know it's not like the the most polished show or anything else but kind of thing that we we said going into it as we don't have the budget or I mean fifty million dollars an episode but Sorry Bad Joan I'm just tried the says every everybody on the cast and crew we trying care as much as we can about the show and all the decisions in the editing and every step of the way from the scripts of we just try and care more a a about the show or as much as possible. Because that's you know I'm not the smartest so we can't make the smartest shore of even thou right funniest show is Had Danny McBride is doing that but I don't know I think I hope that those intangible qualities kinda carry across and just that they'd carrying in the from from everyone is just people we'll be able to sense it when they watch it or John. I'm glad you're proud of it. Because as much as I love Danny McBride and I do I think I think your show is my favorite everything on DVD. I love it so much and I'm really. Yeah for real. Thank you absolutely for real. I mean mandal. Laurean is fun too. Don't get me wrong but no going hard on baby. Yoda to know I like. I like baby Yoda. I like mandal oriented. I I like your show better thanks. That's the honest truth and I'm I'm really grateful that you took this time to be on both I I I really appreciate it. Same thank you. I hope you like the the season because I I think it's free Special word the places that goes to the finale at the end of January Roy. I'm excited sighted. Thank you Joe. Thanks Joe Para if you haven't seen Joepat talks with you you really should very sincerely gets my highest highest recommendation. I genuinely loved the show. It's like nothing else on television You can watch both seasons at adult swim DOT COM Tom. There are also two specials. Joe Parrot talks you to sleep and Joe Para helps you find the perfect Christmas tree which is right up there with you've The pee-wee's playhouse Christmas special on the list of best television Christmas programming. That's the end of another episode of Bulls Eye Bulls Eye is produced at maximum fund. Dot Org World Headquarters Overlooking Macarthur Park Los Angeles California where the city of Los Los Angeles is planting some new plants and they appear to be mostly native so pay shout out to the city of La. Well we're at shoutout to the county of La. Do good work to the show is produced by speaking into microphones. Our producer is Kevin Ferguson. Hey Soussan Perosio is our associate producer. We could help from Casey O'Brien. Our our production fellows are Jordan cowling Melissa. DNS are interstitial. Music is by Dan. Wally also known as Dj w our theme song is by the band. The go team are thanks to them and to Memphis industries their label for letting US use it and one last thing. 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