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It that way failure on the air what's up all right quest i'll do it yet by a bee he the political ari what started the civil war were democrat this that you wrote segregationists or all democrat the klu klux klan was all democrats owing right up in the thought of my question you hear therapy awareness i don't hear anybody worrying that up well let's do it let's talk about it because because the the again hopes people the door i've trying to look at history to understand things today and if you don't those that do not dr doomed to repeat it and you're four entirely correct the southern democrats in the late nineteenth centuries were the ones that really created the circumstances that resulted in the things we are seeing today the republicans came in and they actually put in african american of governors and legislators and the the democrats became violent and responds to it now i understand they were all traumatized by war but their response was disproportionate and frankly sort of insane and that's what screwed up the rebuilt atia the phone south and then what happened in the federal government was just a mass thing just unwound accordingly at abraham lincoln survive i don't think the democrats would have been able to do that but it is what happened now you can it's i think the reason you don't hear about it today is that the disavowed that heritage and consider themselves the different or changer rehabilitated party in some way the that's why people don't talk about that i i i don't mean india or up going right up to two hundred fifty arts i was totally a democratic organisation that wasn't republika the he was called the mic it was called the solid south that member solid south solid democrat and but all this but i don't you know let's grain of of history we need to talk a bit about that because i think a lot of the blame getting are on the right olry other countries observe yet somehow boy all the way back and i don't think that you're you're you're correct i wouldn't argue with that but what i would say is again because i'm in the middle i don't care i don't.

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