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Mean, you said the timidity with which Trump has been handled will be laughable if it weren't so dangerous. And that's the top of it, right? The perverse idea that because we've never arrested and prosecuted a president, we must be extra super duper careful, is worthless, just because you never did something before, doesn't mean you proceed with so much caution that you end up not bothering to do it. The Republican republic will not fall to pieces, no matter what the chicken littles of the say. I agree. Yeah, go ahead. Well, and the other thing I said was that it shows the strength of our democracy. If we can say, we are such a strong democracy and such an example to the world that we are willing to arrest a former leader and for trying to overturn that democracy. I mean, how is that? How is that not the ultimate expression of how much we value and want to protect our democracy? Instead, it's just everybody, I mean, other countries look at us and go, wow, everyone who led this insurrection is essentially free, you know? The only one that a couple of them have suffered some consequences for contempt of Congress. But otherwise, that's it. As you often say, mother are gonna, you know, their mothers, 'cause that's what, you know, mother. Yeah. And if you don't stop them from effing their mothers, they're going to keep that thing mother Exactly. This is what terrorists do. Is they keep terrorizing and now they're terrorizing their own caucus. What we just watched over the last few days, you said we all pay the price and watching those, we know should have been arrested two years ago flaunting their freedom in our flustered faces. It will never not be January 6th until they pay. Yeah, I mean, again, I don't know, I know it's only some of them were referred by the J 6 committee. But again, the DoJ, that shouldn't matter, right? Like referrals or not. Right, right. And it shouldn't take two years to round them up. I mean, you know, I get cautious, you know, investigating. But they arrest people, Willy nilly, all the time. I mean, what more could you do to you want to get a bunch of witnesses on your side? You start rounding people up and getting and putting out, you know, mugshots of them. You're going to get people to turn so fast. Not if you sit them down and you're nice office and say, well, can we make a deal? Right. Right. Yeah, now we have as we were mentioning Glenn kershner talking about Scott Perry wants to be on the committee investigating him. I mean, this is what's going to happen until we get some real accountability. By the way, you said groovy, so now can we talk about the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years? Yeah. I mean, here we go again, where we all have to bullard on Mondays because we're without our beloved Eric Mueller, but I mean, yeah, on Friday, the unemployment rate has hit 3.5%, a 50 year low. The Biden economy is working. You don't see any coverage barely on that anywhere. Where was this one? Yeah, when potus took office unemployment rate was 6.3% today, it's 3.5. How is that not historic enormous accomplishment? It's triumphant. I mean, you know, the only year there was a better employment rate, you know, a number of people employed was last year. Yeah. I mean, I mean, it is fantastic. What has been going on. And yeah, instead, we're focusing on 14 straight failures by Kevin McCarthy. Yeah. Well, Ron klain said, I try not to engage in too much media criticism on here, but today the U.S. had the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. How much cable coverage would there be if the U.S. was at the highest unemployment rate in 50 years? Exactly, right? Well, it's also saying that if this had happened under Trump, it would have been everywhere because all of his people would have been out there and that would have been the only thing they talked about. They wouldn't have wanted to do interviews on the other stuff. They would have put aside questions on everything so they could celebrate. And that's something that Democrats need to be better at. Well, I mean, who is this carry tweeted, this was from The Wall Street Journal. Inflation in the second half of 2022 is, quote, almost back down to the Federal Reserve's 2% target, even more astonishing hardly anyone seems to have noticed. I mean, The Wall Street Journal saying, what if inflation disappeared? And no one said anything. And this is our media. Yeah, yeah. And there is that this is the Republican bias, the way that everything has to be told from a Republican perspective so that only if it's good news for Republican, doesn't get reported as unalloyed good news. Yeah. Well, the other Andrew workman tweeted the funding for Marjorie Taylor Greene was screaming about the first thing we're going to do is defund the 87,000 IRS agents. I mean, just to tell you how worthless this completely the entire party is, he says the funding has already been provided for these agents. It can not be repealed nor rescinded. The IRS did not hire 87,000 new agents. The funding enables them to hire that many agents over the course of ten years, including agents who retire or leave in that time. The GOP is useless. I mean, except for wanting to default and crash the world economy to cut your social security and Medicare. They don't want to do anything. Or they want to do things that are based on fantasies. The fantasies that they've been conjuring for the past 6 years. And Steve scalise put out that statement saying, here's the first four things we're going to do and it was defund that. It was investigate woke prosecutors, like what the heck are you talking about? That is a fantasy. Well, you actually just one story. Trump administration ban on bump stocks, devices that enable a shooter to rapidly fire multiple rounds from a semi-automatic after an initial trigger pull has been struck down by a federal appeals court in New Orleans

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