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Rules and restrictions apply meanwhile a lot of focus right now on alabama obviously with a big election looming today i i do think there will be a better turnout than the 25 percent that's been predicted it may not be like the presidential election because after all is just one race on the ballot nitze a crucial race to for the us senate seat vote kate vacated by jefferson baugh regard sessions the third new terni general of the united states in any event right next door alabama as a state of mississippi and both states have a turbulent history going back to the civil rights movement and that's why it's appropriate that mississippi which i've always found a particularly beautiful state i i like mississippi allott i've been there are a lot and some of the cities and mississippi natcher's an oxford in particular um i any down on the the gulf coast blocks in and elsewhere missile he's a beautiful state and they've done a beautiful thing in the state capital of jackson which is uh they've built a civil rights museum because mississippi was ground zero for the civil rights struggle and president trump who won mississippi with a commanding margin went down to mississippi to visit the uh both the museum of mississippi history which is also knew animist mississippi civil rights museum and should that visit have been controversyl imagine if the president hadn't visited he was invited he visited he did the right thing he spoke reasonably but tub ben jealous who is the fire former head of the end of acp civil rights activist had a this to say on tv interview about president trump's visit and quite frankly this president has done more because stroke the flames of hate in this country and give aid and comfort to the kkk then any one person i could name and so this president has a lot to atone for it okay is that true that president trump has done more to give aid and comfort to the kkk than anyone else he could name newmont also the actual leaders the kkk what about members of the democratic party who are actually members of the kkk and.

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