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It is animal radio and if you're one of those people that just doesn't do facebook or instagram joined the club either. One of the few people. I think were i think. There's like ten or a dozen of us in the in the whole world that don't do this what i actually do. I leave this to judy. Judy she will scan through all of the videos. All of the pictures all the viral viral on social especially the cat videos. That's my favorite and this next guest caused by attention. We welcome to the show activist and glamour magazine woman of the year from two thousand twelve and the guardian of the late viral sensation bailey. Not the ordinary cat. This is a very unique cat. Welcome to the show erin moran so let's talk a little bit about bailey and bailey is definitely not an ordinary cat. Bailey loved by the way bailey has passed. I'll just point that out right now. At fourteen years old lived a nice long life but yes bailey used to take bubble baths and actually enjoy these bubble baths and yes that is correct and he would often sit in a chair and be read two hours while getting a pedicure catholic cure and didn't mind actually enjoy this and you were able to photograph this. Oh yes everything. From being pushed in a buggy to dress stuff in baby sitting in a highchair and being said ammo you know cat food. He would allow my daughters to do anything to him. Well now that's interesting because my cat barely loves me to pet it. What do you think may be different. And i knew he was unique. Sweet cat the minute. I met him just by his manners. In how affectionate he was and how he choose like. Let you do anything to them. Because i have two cats back home. When i found bailey and so i fell in love with them so quickly and knew he was snow ordinary cat that i actually hit him in my college. Catherine allowed the dorms. And i hit him Because i could not walk out of that store Without without him you've found him at a pet store. I on in a pet store in my college town. A little dinky town had this little pet store net cats and poppies and i. You could play with the kittens. And i found of indicate with those little female sibling. Pull them out. And i just i. I couldn't leave after three hours. I walked out with them. The relationship between bailey. Your daughter is amazing. It is truly incredible. People cannot believe some of the things that captured on camera. I mean he looked he would let her lay on them in and she'd sit there and like you know pulling his years and stuff and he just per away like i think that this little girl my little abby would do to bailey people watching go. You know what. What cat allows this. And i had a videotape it because they just took a picture. People think oh. He ran out of the bathtub in two seconds after he was being held or forced down. But when you watch videos you see that the cat sit there in the bathtub. Willie squirted all the bubble. You know so pondimin scrutton with the loofah. No he died share with a big on his shoulder on a on a. And it's just i had to capture the video to show people. Oh yeah. He's sitting on their little motorized pete car going down the driveway And just sits in the back. Well my little. Hannah and abby drive off do you think it just like the attention. Yes and that. I can tell you is why he would do anything. He was obsessed with attention. He you look at pictures. He's gotta be touching the human he's constantly got upon you and he follows you if everyone gets up and leaves the room. He follows you into the next room. He follows them to bedtime up in their bag. When i when i leave and go into the office he tells me that the office i mean everywhere you go and if you close the door and he doesn't have access to human. He will sit there and scratchy theodore until you let them in well. Even though he's crossed the rainbow bridge he still lives on and within a book and i assume still online yes He one hundred fifty four thousand instagram followers on bailing ordinary cat. I've got so many videos of them. I just continue to share on because people are constantly telling me you know. It's the highlight of their day. So you know the video picture. And so i've got fourteen years of great footage that i just continue to share with people. Tell me about the book. So the book is It captures who bailey is. It's a picture book with words on the next page of captions. So there'd be a picture of for example Baby wrapped up in a blanket. All around his head and he'll unaccounted like we. Stop laughing at me and unwrap me. Human the bathtub with the girl. They've got their little. Kitty cat swimsuits down and heating the bath talk and they're not looking at the camera but he is and you know. The quota of one of somebody told cafe water. There's the cat is talking out the book. So what do you. What do you think all the other normal cats thought of him. Oh they're probably like who is this crazy kept. He's i think there's a little humid gonna cost you that. There's really not a cat mayor. I'm looking through the book now. It looks like it would make a great gift and in fact. I'm going to give away ten copies right now if you're not looking to get on through. How can people get the book. You can get the book in targets. Barnes and nobles all your online amazon other you know sites and just local bookstore is a lot of them were carrying An in target has just named its on. It was so successful than first week. They've named it's. They're putting it on the recommended reading on stuff and you know like cats made the internet and this book you can see why daily no ordinary cat is. The name of the book author in guardian air in maryland. joining us. Thank you so much for telling us about daily appreciated at checkout animal. 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How and judy francis few. You made it in time. Big hour coming. Up chris parody. The amazing stunt trainer for your dog will be joining us. Decker w dogs Know any tricks. Well they're trained and agility so the whole gamut of tricks. They knew their agility. They have their little hangups in the don't like to perform at meat so Ribbon count has actually not gotten very high. They've got stage fright. Judy the same problem over dog has the same problem i do too i. I don't think that even look afraid that they don't they just look disinterested. It's like i got this. Do you want me to prove it to all these people. I do it and they do every time you know they can do it. But i haven't figured that one out because you can't treat you can't give rewards in the performance ring so they know when they're getting paid and they know.

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